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Top-25 Albania nature beauties ready to reveal their little secrets

It was extremely hard to choose only 25 nature spots in Albania as almost the whole country is wild, covered with mountainous forests and granting you stunning views. So we decided to distribute those best places to visit in Albania by region to give you a chance to see as many of them as possible no matter how long your Albania trip lasts.

Mountains is the most popular surrounding in Albania as they cover 70% of the territory and the varieties of them are incredible here: from Accursed Mountains (Albanian Alps) in the north on the border with Montenegro to Mount Nemërçkë and Vjosa river flowing nearby in the south on border with Greece.

Besides, this beautiful country has more than 550 lakes including 3 huge ones (Skadar lake, Ohrid lake, Prespa lake), 152 rivers and 15 National Parks in Albania of all kinds.


Due to cheap flights from London and other European cities to Tirana by Wizzair&Ryanair most likely you arrive at Tirana Airport. So get ready for renting a car in Albania and start exploring how beautiful this country is from the North region which is a pure mountain paradise. Main attractions here include: 

  • Skadar lake - the largest lake in Southern Europe on the border with Montenegro with very good fishing (carp, trout), confluence of two rivers (Drini and Buna) plus the old city of Shkoder where you can stay for the night and taste Albania cuisine in local restaurant.

  • Theth National Park in just 2 hours driving north-east from Shkoder. You can visit Blue Eye lake and do hiking in Albanian Alps on the famous Theth to Valbona valley trail.  You will be walking 14 km for 7-8 hours at an altitude of 1000 m to 1800 m. 

  • Valbona valley National Park - a magnificent valley in Accursed Mountains (Albanian Alps).

  • Summit Jezerca - located halfway hiking between Theth and Valbona

  • Komani Lake. If you drive 1.5 hour east from Shkoder you get to Lake Komani and can take a ferry from Komani to Fierza (the duration is 2.5 hrs)

  • Shala river (Lumi i Shales) - stunning river surrounded by green mountains with a river beach near the hotel “Eagles Land”.  


After such a beginning let’s move east via the city of Kukes towards another country on Balkan peninsula - Northern Macedonia. Here is the area which reminds you that only mountains can be better than mountains including:

  • Gjallica mountain in just 5 km south from Kukes.

  • Korabi mountain located right on the border with Northern Macedonia and as high as 2761 meters.

  • Of course, both are ideal places for hiking and represent a true bearish corners where you can escape from our daily routine and fast moving world.


Let’s continue our journey and head south-east. This region has natural beauties of all kinds:

  • Ohrid lake - the deepest lake on the Balkans included in UNESCO World Heritage list and surrounded by mountains on the Macedonian side. Pogradec is the main city on the Albanian part of the lake with a long promenade and a beach. In summer many Albanians spend their vacations here. Thanks to its location and the altitude of over 700 meters above sea level Pogradec is a perfect place to escape the heat of Albanian lowlands during peak summer time - July and August. Lake Ohrid can offer you activities like SUP, kayaking, fishing.

  • Lake Prespa located at an altitude of 850 meters and divided between Albania, North Macedonia and Greece. 

  • Shebenik-Yablanitsa National Park is a bit north from Ohrid lake. Again, we have here very good hiking, natural beauty of the mountains and wildlife watching plus Eremit Cave (Shpella Eremite).

  • Valamara mountain 2373 meters high where the source of River Shkumbini is.

  • Kanioni i Holtës - a gorgeous canyon a 1 hour drive south from Elbasan.


Now we head south and enjoy picturesque mountains accompanied with 2 stunning rivers in Albania - Osumi and Vjosa. Main attractions here include:

  • Mount Tomorri located south of Berat plus Devoll River. 

  • Sotira's Waterfall in Tomorri National Park, 60 kilometers south from Elbasan.

  • Osumi Canyon & Osumi river. It is one of the best places to visit in Europe where you can see a spectacular view created 3 million years ago. Besides, it is a perfect place for rafting.

  • Mount Nemërçkë & Vjosa river near border with Greece. WOW place where Cauldron Neck (Gryka e Kazanit) mountain range forms a semicircle and meets Vjose river - the last wild river ecosystem in Europe which flows free the entire course of 270 kilometers. This place should definitely be on your list while you travel in europe because it is a true sanctuary. 


As we already know, there are lots of mountain ranges, rivers and lakes in Albania. And in addition to that this beautiful country has 2 seas - Ionian and Adriatic. So now it is time to find out what Albania Riviera and the surrounding area can offer us:  

  • Butrint National Park - represents a mixture of wild nature and Roman+Greek+Venetian history. Choose accommodation in the main Albania beach resort of Saranda and from here make a day trip to Butrint. 

  • Blue eye - a mountain spring with crystal blue water in just 20 km from the main Albania beach resort of Saranda.

  • Albanian Maldives. Get to Ksamil in Albania from Corfu by fast ferry, enjoy local beaches, taste seafood and Albania cuisine in restaurants and stay in one of the best Ksamil hoteli and apartments.

  • Gjipe beach is just several kilometers south from Dhermi city and is located at the end of Gjipe canyon.

  • Plazhi i Borshit - a 7 kilometers beach near the town of Borsh.


Now, let’s check our tour in the central region of Albania which is full of beautiful places you can visit when you choose Albania as your budget Europe travel:

  • Llogara Pass located at a height of 1000 meters in Ceraunian mountain range and is the place where the Adriatic sea meets the Ionian one. They have perfect paragliding there.

  • Cika Mountain with a perfect sea view from more than 2000 meters height

  • Bovilla Lake - a stunning lake with turquoise water surrounded by mountains in just 15 km north-east of Tirana

  • Mati River Lumi i Matit - one of the biggest rivers in Albania 115 kilometers long flowing through Ulza Regional Nature Park

  • Dajti National park located on the East of Albania’s capital and offering stunning Tirana views from the altitude of 1600 meters. You can get there by Dajti Ekspres Cable Car.


These are only a small part of all Albanian beauties placed on the territory as small as Belgium thus making Albania the best place to visit in Europe in 2023!