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Head to Top-20 Romanian Beautiful Places in 2024

Romania is full of mysterious stories and vampires that are eager for your blood. Well, yes, those are just tales for kids, however, let's get started and find unique places to visit in the beautiful country of Romania!

I bet that you will see the country from another perspective after this since it has lots of intriguing destinations for tourists that are in search of something new.

Welcome to another beautiful country on the Balkans, with ravishing landscapes and architecture, where everyone is warm-hearted and delighted to help you out. So let's get going!

What to visit in Bucharest (The capital)

Each dream journey starts with visiting the main city of the country and believe me it is a perfect beginning! Not only will you be amazed by the unique architecture but also by the Old Town and nightlife in Bucharest. 

It is one of the main access points to Romania, a booming city and many major infrastructure projects are changing the old city face. Formerly known as “Little Paris”, this city has changed a lot and has become a very interesting mix of old and new that has little to do with its former reputation. 

Here a 300-year-old church stands near the Iron and Glass Tower, both of which stand next to communist-style buildings. Bucharest offers tourist attractions of any kind and has cultivated the sophisticated, trendy and modern sensibility that many have come to expect from a European capital. 

Bucharest has benefited from a booming economy, with EU grants helping rebuild certain parts of the city, including the revitalized Old Town which is one of the beautiful places in Bucharest. Those who have known this town in the past but have not visited it recently will be amazed at the changes taking place. The largest completed project is the impressive Basarab Flyover, Europe's widest cable bridge.

Indeed, Bucharest is a huge city with its downtown, and the main confusion for tourists is that the city itself has many centers. You might be confused, me too! When I first arrived in this town I was extremely shocked that the city had more than 3 city centers. How can it even be possible? You can ask locals about it, and you will find out amazing stories about how they got lost in Bucharest just because they scheduled a meeting in the center, and they came to the wrong one!

The oldest Brewery in Bucharest!

Except for its breathtaking architecture, Bucharest is full of funky bars for those who want to drink a good beer at the city's oldest brewery, which is Caru cu Bere. People love this place because it still holds that rustic atmosphere that is valued in the country. Furthermore, let's not forget the appetizing dishes they had! So go and try it out, believe me, you will not be disappointed! The place is filled with tourists and might find yourself a new friend, or who knows even a soulmate, Romania is all about L.O.V.E.

Nightlife in Bucharest and special places you can visit!

First of all, the Lipscani! The place is full of young spirits and good music. A large variety of cafes and bars, amazing restaurants and clubs (you choose what best works for you). The medieval streets give the place a special vibe since each building is extremely beautiful! Bear in mind that Romanians love to party and to drink good alcohol, therefore stick along to them and they will show you how true locals spend their nights out!

Another amazing place is the Macca Villacrosse Passage, which is a picturesque passageway right in the center of the old town, with a mix of bars and authentic restaurants!

The Parliament Building

Oh, and let's not forget about the Parliament building, which is the world's heaviest building and actually has eight stories hidden underground. To this day it is still not complete, but there are 400 rooms in use!

Also called the People's House, during Nikolae Ceausescu’s regime (a dictator who ruled the country from 1965 to 1989), this building is, in fact, a symbol of the old communist times, an extravagance if you want to put it that way. Thanks to its solid wood furniture, crystal chandeliers, impressive dimensions, huge marble columns and other carefully chosen interior design elements for each room, this palace is one of the most visited touristic objectives in Bucharest.


If you are mainly looking for a more old-town appeal then you should definitely check out Sighisoara located right in the center of Romania. It is full of cobbled streets with extremely colorful houses. If you want to be a part of an old fairy tale, then without any doubt come to Sighisoara and enjoy the intriguing architecture of the place. Also, the place is famous for the good authentic restaurants and Transylvania cafe, so you have to try out local delicacies. Mamaliga, sarmale, and Ciorba de Burta have to be on your travel checklist!

Another interesting fact about this place, Sighisoara was the birthplace of Vlad the Impaler, which is known as Dracula, I bet you know who he was:) Who knows, maybe you will come across some families of vampires.


Right now, let's take a look at the beautiful Transylvania tourist attractions and its capital - Brasov. Well, this city is a great location for those who want to be enchanted by old Romanian stories and authentic buildings. 

As a start, you can visit the Piața Sfatului, which is the heart of Brasov medieval center, a place full of history and great food. Head here in the morning and you will have the whole place just for yourself because in the morning no soul is seen there, just you and the wonderful architecture and impressive view! However, when the night comes this place becomes a perfect location for those who enjoy bustling crowds and culture all around.

Another one of Brasov tourist attractions is the Strada Sforii, which translates as String Street. Actually, this name totally outlines it, because it is the narrowest street in the world, I do not recommend it for claustrophobic people.

Do also visit Black Church - an object of art & culture in the form of a Gothic cathedral which got its name after a fire in the 17th century.

If you go to Brasov in winter time then one of the places to visit in Romania is a modern ski resort Poiana Brasov in just 20 minutes from the city itself. Try skiing and snowboarding there as well as local cuisine and SPA. 

Liberty Bear Sanctuary

As I mentioned, Brasov does fascinate with its unique places, nature and architecture however, would you like to take a look at bears in their natural habitat? Being a part of their big and ferocious family? Well, here in Brasov in Romania you can easily do that.

You will sit in a bear hide and watch these incredible animals from a safe but near enough distance. It actually brings you so close to mother nature and as a human, you become extremely fascinated by the life of those cute but pretty dangerous creatures. If watching bears in their natural habitat is not for you, you can visit the Liberty Sanctuary. This is a place for rescued bears that often come from the circus or other threatening settings. Due to the fact that those bears can no longer be released in the wild, the Sanctuary gives them the best conditions, and the animals can live a happy and long life.

Bran Castle

My biggest recommendation is to visit the Romanian castles. You will be totally amazed by their tremendous size and specific beauty, each of them holds an intriguing story. Here is one of them.

Bran Castle near Brasov is one of the best known Romania tourist spots and a place where the Legend of Dracula began. It sits on the 200-foot cliff in Transilvania. Vlad the Impaler is said to make this castle his home and while walking through its narrow corridors you can really feel the history the walls hold.

Dracula did not even exist, he was a fictional character based on Bram Stoker's 1897 novel “Dracula”. Stoker had never actually been to this country and the idea of ​​using a castle in the Carpathian Mountains was inspired by tales he had heard about cruel rulers and mysterious places hidden in the region's rolling hills and peaks. Somehow, Vlad Tepes, a real-life prince known for impaling his enemies, became an incarnation of Dracula. And Bran Castle, which fit Stoker's description of what Dracula's castle should look like, became "Dracula's Castle".

Peles castle

Just 1 hour drive from Brasov to the south of Romania and here comes the fairy tale castle, a magnificent location for those who love gorgeous medieval architecture. It was the former home of the Romanian Royal family and the place itself is surrounded by impressive nature, and breathtaking views of mountains plus secular forest. If you have the chance to check out Peles Castle interior design then you will be amazed by the uniqueness of each individual room and the castle`s vibe.

When I first visited the place I thought I was a princess from a Disney movie, mainly “The beauty and the beast” which is kinda true! 

Transfagarasan Road

If you visit Transylvania, do not forget to check out Transfagarasan highway - a Romanian beautiful place which starts near the village of Cârțișoara and ends up in the mountains (2134 meters high). It is a serpentine and one of the most exciting roads to drive on. Let me tell you that sometimes you feel like you are on a carousel full of diversities. 

It is probably the best road in the world!

Take in mind that Transfagarashan highway is only open from July to November. Avoid summer weekends as it becomes too crowded.

Balea Lake

While being on Transfagarasan highway you can visit the mesmerizing Balea Lake. You can find this glacial lake nestled in the mountains. It is a great place to stop and take in the amazing views, and you can even head to the restaurant and have a nice meal with good traditional music. Do not forget about this unique place.

The village of Viscri

If you have enough time to visit picturesque places, check out Viscri, a village full of beautiful people and traditions. If you want to get a feel of rural Romania this is a suitable location. With unpaved roads, historic houses and local animals roaming freely. Horses and carts are still a standard form of transport and many traditional jobs like blacksmithing are an everyday thing here. It really is like stepping back in time!


When you think about what to see in Romania during your first trip I totally recommend you to visit the most stunning place - Sibiu. It sits on the mountains and is known for its houses with “eyes”. The old street amazes each individual and it gives the impression of a rustic atmosphere. 

Another great place in Sibiu is the “Liers Bridge” . According to the legend, the bridge will collapse if you stand on it and say something untrue. So do not test it out!

Stroll through the Upper and Lower Towns and don't be afraid to visit the local courtyards where real gems are often hidden. Enjoy the winding streets and numerous cafes. Don't miss the Council Tower for the best views of the city and surrounding area.

Try all kinds of places to visit in Romania and come to an outdoor ASTRA National Museum Complex or come inside Brukenthal National Museum in Sibiu.

When you're done sightseeing, soak up the relaxing atmosphere of this beautiful place.


Located near the border with Serbia, Timisoara is a stunningly beautiful city.

Dating back to the 13th-century, at that time, many of the impressive Earl Nouveau buildings that shaped the face of the city were constructed. Timisoara in Romania is the most important place in the country's modern history because in 1989 revolution began here and ultimately led to the overthrow of communism in the country.

Today it is a wonderful and vibrant city, with multicultural heritage everywhere. The best thing about Timisoara is to walk around the city and enjoy all its charm and atmosphere.

Most of the attractions are centrally located and concentrated in his three squares: Victoriei, Libertății and Unirii (the last one being the most beautiful).


A trip to Maramures feels like stepping back in time. The village houses feature beautifully carved wooden gates, and horse-drawn carriages are often encountered on the roads.

Besides the traditional agricultural life, the wooden churches are the main reason to visit Maramures region in Romania. In the 14th century, locals were not allowed to use stone in construction, so they built the church out of wood.

Eight of these churches are on the UNESCO list, and two not to be missed are Barsana and Surdesti. Most are open to tourists, although you may need to look for a security guard with a key, since few people visit this area!

The Merry Cemetery

Well, yes, it might sound strange, to visit a cemetery! However, I assure you that after visiting this place you will be totally amazed by Romanian culture and more other things!

The Cimitriul Vesel (Merry Cemetery) in Săpânța is one of the country's most precious treasures. It is a shining example of Romanian humor and proves to visitors that death has a lighter side.

Cimitriul Vesel is filled with colorful hand-carved crosses decorated with vivid verses inspired by the deceased. You can find it all: funny poems, quirky poems, heartwarming poems and more.

Can't read the local language? no problem. In addition to the poem, it is accompanied by a scene painted on the cross, which conveys the words very clearly.

To get to Săpânța, you can take the train from Baia Mare or Satul Mare.

Sovata & the Salt Region of Romania

Sovata is picturesquely embedded in the Carpathian Mountains. This beautiful city is the gateway to the often overlooked local salt lakes.

In Sovata, take a stroll through the Bear Lake Reserve with its natural healing pools. In fact, the actual Bear Lake is Europe's largest salt lake.

The reserve has a free mud pool where you can whip up sticky mud that burns into your skin and wash off in the free salt lake. The city is also dotted with various hot springs.

The Monasteries of Bucovina

Bucovina Monasteries (Painted Monasteries) is one of Romania's most spectacular sights. Located in a historic region in the eastern part of the country on the northern slopes of the Carpathian Mountains, these impressive medieval monasteries were built between the 15th century and the 17th century.

Bucovina Monasteries are known for its beautiful frescoes and various religious scenes. These paintings can be seen not only inside the church, but also on the outer walls. The Bucovina Monasteries are a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Iasi in Romania is the second largest city and is located in the northeastern part of the country, very close to the border with Moldova.

There are few tourists in this part of Romania which is strange as Iasi has a lot to offer and is considered the historic capital of Romania.

The city represents a great mix of different styles and many historical attractions. From medieval churches to neoclassical and baroque buildings to brutal communist-era architecture. The biggest attraction is the impressive Palace of Culture.

Iasi is also a very green city with many parks and the oldest botanical garden in Romania.


The city of Constanta is located on the Black Sea coast in eastern Romania. Constanta is an interesting city. In fact, it's the oldest inhabited city in the country, dating back to 600 B.C.

The city has a lot to offer, including historic buildings, a beautiful harbor and a long sandy beach that stretches to Mamaia.

Here comes the end of our small tour through Romania. Hope you enjoyed it! Visit this outstanding country and create new memories next to your loved ones, do not forget to share with the internet you trip. I wish you good luck and truly hope that you will have a great time visiting those locations. Broaden your perspective of the world and travel to new beautiful locations, become a better version of yourself!


As a bonus, here are some interesting facts about this beautiful European country, Romania.

  • Romania Is One of the Countries with the Fastest Internet Speed

  • Romania Has the World’s Second Largest Administrative Building

  • Romania Has Europe’s First Electrified Castle - Peles Castle

  • Romania Has the Best Preserved Delta in Europe - Danube Delta

  • The heaviest building in the world is in Romania - the Parliament Building

  • Romania has a perfectly round-shaped village - Sarlota village

  • Romania is home to the tallest wooden church in the world - Sapînta-Peri Monastery

  • Several famous Hollywood actors are of Romanian Descent (Edward G. Robinson, Johnny Weissmuller)

  • Romania has its own Arc de Triomphe