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2024: Time to test SPA Resorts quality in East Europe

From rejuvenating mountain retreats to pristine beaches and natural thermal treatments, these luxurious spa breaks and wellness resorts have become the darlings of many celebrities. Southeast Europe brims with stunning resorts for every demanding taste. But the best thing about these hotels and wellness spas is not their luxuriousness, which, surely, happens to be, but their affordability. With the rates being as low as 30 Euro per night for a double room, these hotels and spas locations offer indeed great value and spoil you with tons of recreation opportunities. It’s time to take care of yourself and arrange a holiday in one of the most beautiful and pleasant wellness hotels and spa resorts in South Europe. The recommendations are ours, the choice is yours!

Sokobanja Spa, Serbia

After you managed your plan on what to visit in Belgrade, escape to a little paradise on earth, Sokobanja Spa in  Serbia. Nestled in the southern part of Sokobanja valley, this deluxe spa town is surrounded by a row of incredible mountains including Ozren, Devica, Janior, among other summits, while the amazing Moravica River runs throughout Sokobanja. 

Gloriously known for its fresh, clean air that contains high levels of oxygen, ozone, and negative ions, Sokobanja Spa is the ultimate destination for those who suffer from asthma and other lung conditions. It is also the best choice for tourists looking for high-end facial, body, or soul treatment, or everything at once. 

The hallmark of Sokobanja Spa resorts is its Turkish bath aka hammam. An ancient construction dating back to the 15th century, hammam offers guests an authentic bathing experience that perfectly cleanses you of stress and does wonders for your health. Along with traditional relaxation options, Sokobanja Spa, Serbia, also spoils you with a broad range of modern treatment methods. Relaxing wellness and spa treatments (sauna, jacuzzi, cosmetic procedures, and different massages) are aimed at enhancing your beauty and improving your overall health.

While Sokobanja Spa, Serbia, has a rich repertoire of exciting activities and things to do, tours to mountains like Ozren, Devica, Rtanj, and Bukovik are in great demand among visitors who look for real adventures. If you would like to paraglide and explore this marvelous region from a bird's-eye view, you can start an epic adventure from the launch sites on Ozren and Rtanj mountains.

Spa resorts and wellness hotels in Serbian Sokobanja continuously get five-star reviews from happy vacationers. It is possible to book a lovely hotel in Sokobanja with 9.5 rating at a price as low as €30 for double room per night. We say Sokobanja is incredible in every aspect!

Vrnjacka Banja Spa, Serbia

The rolling hills of Central Serbia form the perfect cradle for the idyllic spa town called Vrnjacka Banja which is blessed with astonishing natural beauties and world-class resorts. Come and splash in the waters that have been known for their healing properties since Roman times, where in the 19th century Prince Milos built a spa to rival the best spas in Europe, and then, naturally, the aristocratic class built their stunning holiday villas… In these areas around Vrnjacka Banja, you can also find centuries-old vineyards and winemaking traditions that stretch from generation to generation, silent villages where life is preserved in its rural state, and the 12th and 13th-century monasteries Studenica and Zica, gifts of Serbian kings.

Today Vrnjacka Banja is a hot tourist destination, gaining popularity among both domestic and foreign travellers looking for luxurious spa treatments or a tranquil getaway amid natural scenery. Vrnjacka Banja is replete with 9+ rating spa hotels and haute restaurants that thoroughly cater to the needs of guests, delivering flawless service and providing excellent accommodation. If you visit Vrnjacka Banja, you will have loads of brilliant opportunities to restore your inner batteries with a pampering healing vacation. 

The natural surroundings of Vrnjacka Banja, Serbia include forested mountain slopes, meadows, and pastures rich in wildflowers and herbs, as well as many species of wild animals and birds. Countless parks and trails in Vrnjacka Banja are ideal places for walking, hiking, and just relaxing amid gorgeous lush nature.

Top-rated Vrnjacka Banja spa hotels and wellness resorts are available at a price as affordable as €35 - €40.

Sovata Spa, Romania

The perfect spot to be pampered, Sovata is a charming town in Mureș County, Transylvania, perfect place to spend your Europe winter holiday in 2024. One of the world’s most prominent spa destinations, Sovata attracts both health seekers and holidaymakers, offering thousands of incredible opportunities for both categories of travelers. 

The legendary salty Bear Lake invites you to undergo a quality cure with its healing waters and mud to alleviate your nervous system conditions, get rid of skin diseases, eliminate respiratory problems, or improve mobility concerns. Sovata is often called “the town where women feel their happiest”. This is so because the natural resources of this wondrous area have a tremendously positive effect on female beauty and overall health. 

To revel in sheer luxuriousness while being exposed to comprehensive wellness treatments, many visitors choose Sovata Health Spa Hotel (Ensana Hotel) which is one of the country's most famous venues. There are many reasons to book a relaxing holiday in Sovata Spa, Romania. From its incredibly pure air and unique heliothermic Bear Lake to unrivaled landscapes and rich culture-historical heritage, Sovata is the ultimate area for health and cosmetic procedures. 

But what is really surprising about Sovata Spa, Romania is its budget-friendly hotels and resorts where 9.5+ rated accommodation and superb retreats are available at €40 per night for a couple.

Baile Herculane, Romania

Baile Herculane is a fascinating little town in Romanian Banat, in Caraș-Severin County. This magnificent place is situated in the valley of the Cerna River, sitting between the Mehedinți Mountains to the east and the Cerna Mountains to the west. In the Roman language, Baile Herculane means “Aqua Herculis.” The town abounds with unique thermal springs. The legend says that the god Hercules himself loved bathing in these healing waters. Baile Herculane spa resorts take you on a journey of exceeding relaxation and soothing. Expect yourself to be enjoying the miraculous efficacy of thermal springs and getting your health ailments immediately improved.

Dubbed as a "gift of the gods," Baile Herculane resort boasts a breathtaking setting in a valley sheltered by mountains. Spa hotels and wellness resorts provide a rich diversity of high-end methods of treatment from classic spa cure to different techniques of physio, electrotherapy, massage, acupuncture, among other luxurious treatments. As for recreation and entertainment, Baile Herculane, Romania features restaurants, nightclubs, swimming pools with thermal waters, saunas, massage parlours, billiards, and other wonderful attractions: Iron Gates and boat trip on the Danube in just 25 minutes from Baile Herculane and authentic Czech village Eibenthal in another 40 minutes from Orshova. Adventure-seekers have great opportunities for hiking tours to Cerna Valley. Organize your next vacation to Baile Herculane Romania having as little as €40 in your pocket. This will be enough to book a night for a couple in a four-star hotel with excellent service and amazing spa/wellness options.

Spa Baile Tusnad, Romania

The smallest city in Romania where you can inhale the freshest air, Spa Baile Tusnad is situated 650 meters above sea level and in just 80 km from cheap ski resort Poiana Brasov - one of the best Europe winter destinations. Baile Tusnad is tenderly called the “Pearl of Transylvania” for its enticing natural delights that incorporate simply everything: healing salt lakes, mineral springs, therapeutic mud, and seriously negatively ionized air. Marvel-making spa hotels and wellness resorts of Baile Tusnad, Romania attract hordes of tourists every year. Spa Baile Tusnad is especially popular among people with heart conditions, blood issues, and circulatory system diseases. 

Lake Saint Ann (Lacul Sfânta Ana) is one of the best treasures of Spa Baile Tusnad. It is the single crater lake in Romania found in the crater of the volcano named Ciomatu Mare. Tusnad Resort is also known for its mofettes. Pucioasa Cave is considered the biggest natural mofetta in the world. The walls of the caves are covered with drops containing sulfur, which are also used for ophthalmic diseases.

Baile Olanesti Spa, Romania

Baile Olanesti is a delightful town based in Valcea County, Romania. Spa Baile Olanesti is famed for its mineral springs with healing waters. Olanesti is one of the few retreats in southeast Europe where you will find a mild climate and miraculous natural resources. The town has the nickname “Golden Springs” due to the abundance of mineral streams. Baile Olanesti spa hotels and wellness resorts can address any of health conditions, including digestive disorders, renal and liver diseases, dermatological complaints, allergies, occupational diseases to name a few. 

Along with improving your health and elevating your beauty, Baile Olanesti offers a host of activities to spice up your day. For instance, Polovragi Cave. It is the ideal place to better explore the culture of this lovely place. Muierilor Cave and Manastirea Polovragi also deserve visiting. Albestii Pamanteni is just a few kilometers away from Baile Olanesti. Here you can amuse yourself with Curtea de Arges Monastery, Princely Court, and Curtea de Arges Cathedral and Monastery. As for pricing, luxurious wellness resorts and spa treatments in Baile Olanesti Spa, Romania range from €24 to €150 per night, making it a highly affordable southeast European tourist destination.

Spa Truskavets, Ukraine

Ukraine is the country where the world’s most beautiful women are born and reside. As such, Ukrainian cuties know many secrets of maintaining alluring beauty and radiant health. One of the best resort towns in Ukraine is Truskavets, offering throngs of possibilities to take care of your health and appearance. Here, you can experience a true sense of a wellness lifestyle. Truskavets, Ukraine incorporates lots of world-class spa hotels and wellness resorts where you can improve your emotional and physical condition, practice some spiritual treatments, and discover lots of recreation opportunities. 

The wellness infrastructure in Ukrainian Truskavets is presented by numerous facilities and establishments for restoring health, reinvigorating recreation, physical exercises, healthy nutrition, improving the immune system, relaxation, maintaining beauty, and spiritual development. Truskavets, Ukraine is a popular destination for wellness tourism as thousands of visitors are flocking to this area to relax, rejuvenate, and achieve inner harmony. That is why wellness hotels and spa resorts in Truskavets are especially popular, where the guest’s satisfaction, wellbeing, and comfort are prioritized. No matter how tight your budget is, you can always find a premium hotel or a cozy spa resort with excellent service and a variety of cosmetic treatments. The best spa hotels and wellness resorts in Truskavets are nickel-and-dime, starting from €25 per night for two adults.

Tapolca Spa, Hungary

The town of Tapolca near Lake Balaton is loved for offering luxurious spa treatments. Tapolca Spa is especially popular among travellers with airways conditions. The city’s name derives from the word “Topulcha,” a Hungarian word meaning thermal water. While the place has many relaxation opportunities up its sleeve, Mishkolc Tapolca thermal resort is Hungarian a must-visit destination. Miskolc Tapolca is a natural cave thermal complex with healing waters. In addition to the waters, the air of the cave is also miraculous, carrying a beneficial effect on disorders of the respiratory organs.

A cute little town, Tapolca is a powerful magnet for many tourists as it features surrounding green hills, a friendly atmosphere, and laid back lifestyle. The shores of Lake Balaton are a sight to behold. The waters are clear and peaceful, and a single glance at these waters is enough to understand why so many people love Lake Balaton, and how its pristine beauty managed to win so many hearts, that it became one of Hungary's major tourist attractions. Tapolca spa hotels and wellness resorts are known for their reasonable pricing policy that never sacrifices the quality of service. One night in comfortable, well-rated Tapolca spa hotels or wellness resorts may cost you as little as 60 EUR in the high season.

Heviz Spa, Hungary

Heviz is a small town 200 km away from Budapest situated near the western shore of Lake Balaton. While natural wonders of Heviz are countless, the most remarkable of them is Lake Heviz, the world’s largest thermal lake that is perfectly suitable for year-round bathing. The soft Mediterranean climate coupled with pleasantly warm, mineral-rich waters ensure indulging relaxation and rejuvenation in Heviz spa hotels and wellness resorts. 

Aside from the plentiful health advantages of the lake, Hungary Heviz offers tons of opportunities for a memorable vacation: from culture and culinary festivals, water sports to hiking, and even ballooning over the area. Throughout history, Heviz Spa Hungary has been a vivid and prestigious tourist destination, abounding with events and unique landscapes not to be found anywhere else.

Thermal mineralized waters and healing mud of Heviz Lake deliver remarkable improvements to the muscular-skeletal apparatus and nervous system. Heviz spa Hungary hotels and wellness resorts offer quality treatments and procedures for a variety of conditions, rheumatic complaints, blood circulation disorders, skin issues to name a few. Your top-quality holiday with strong health benefits in Heviz can cost you as small as 50 EUR for a double room in summer time, so pack up your things and come to Heviz!

Debrecen Wellness, Hungary

A city with a wonderful forest, Debrecen is the second-largest city in Hungary and is often referred to as the Capital of the Great Hungarian Plain. The spot is also labelled as Calvinist Rome due to its strong connections with this religious denomination. Debrecen endears itself to tourists with its overall warm atmosphere and incredible openness of locals. Debrecen wellness opportunities are numerous, but the best tourist attraction is the Aquaticum Mediterranean Pleasure Baths. These baths differ from traditional styles of thermal bathing in Hungary, making them a desirable relaxation hub for both local people and globe-trotters. Along with different adventure options for little ones, the complex also offers a plethora of relaxing opportunities for adults, including Jacuzzis, massage procedures, and cave bathing.

Spa and wellness treatments are luxurious in Hungarian Debrecen, but try to allocate some time to explore the city’s sights. Rest assured you will be positively surprised. Holiday-makers coming to Debrecen stop in well-evaluated resort hotels and spa breaks. Here they can experience total relaxation at a moderate price that often does not exceed 40-50 Euros DBL per night.

Hajduszoboszlo Spa, Hungary

Hajduszoboszlo, situated 30 km from Europe’s largest saline rangeland, Hortobagy, and 22 km from Debrecen, is Hungary’s third most visited wellness and spa destination. The municipality of the Great Hungarian Plain, Hajduszoboszlo, Hungary is famed for its 73-degree hot thermal waters containing solid amounts of iodine, bromine, and sodium chloride. Its medical waters can bring relief to all types of rheumatic conditions, making Hajduszoboszlo extremely popular not only with Hungarians but also with foreigners.

Thanks to the world-renowned thermal waters, Hajduszoboszlo spa hotels and wellness resorts offer top-quality and pleasurable treatments for your sore limbs and ruined nervous system. Medical thermal bathing is available all year round, so you can plan your health-improving holiday to Hajduszoboszlo at any time that suits you. The actual prices of Hajduszoboszlo spa hotels and wellness breaks revolve around 30 Euros DBL, offering your all sorts of pampering and healing relaxation.

Eger Spa, Hungary

Thermal baths, centuries-old buildings (including a Turkish minaret), and legendary red and white wines. Eger is a pretty little gem of Northern Hungary. Eger’s history is long and dramatic and left the city with incredible architectural reminders of the events that have contributed to its statement. Eger spa hotels and wellness resorts offer everything for a soothing, rejuvenating hammam experience along with massage and mud treatments.

The Eger Spa Thermal Bath is one of the most beautiful and well-known spas in southeast Europe. The park-bath occupies a 5-hectare area and is a true paradise for those willing to improve health, strengthen the immune system, and just have fun. Visitors can enjoy the favourable effects of radon and hydrosulfuric salubrious waters among modern settings to be appreciated by both young and adult people. Eger spa resorts and wellness retreats offer great value for quite a reasonable price that ranges from 30 to 50 EUR per night for a couple.

Sopron Spa, Hungary

One of Europe's best and most popular medicinal spas, Sopron is situated just a few kilometers from the Austrian border, not far away from Lake Neusiedl. Sopron attracts not only with its brilliant culture and wonderful historical heritage, but also awe-inspiring architectural monuments following the mysterious and enchanting Baroque and Gothic styles. 

Connoisseurs of romance will be seriously fascinated by the city’s silent narrow streets for evening promenades. Sopron lies at the foot of the Alps, the western border of Hungary. 

Sopron and its surroundings offer enormous tourist benefits. Sopron spa hotels and wellness resorts provide facilities for alleviating all manners of health ailments, enhancing your beauty, and fostering your spiritual development. Sopron spa hotels and excellently-rated wellness retreats are surprisingly affordable, starting from €50 per night for two guests.

Tuheljske Toplice, Croatia

Tuheljske Toplice is a small and exceedingly lovely village in Croatia. This wondrous area is famous for its medicinal thermal waters, whose temperature is 32.5° C, allowing for bathing throughout the year.

The healing waters help in the alleviation of arthritis, respiratory conditions, gynaecological issues, sciatica, and neuralgia. Procedures with curative mud also deliver fantastic cosmetic results. Tuheljske Toplice, Croatia spa hotels and wellness resorts, such as Terme Tuhelj, provide a genuine pampering experience, offering treatments with natural healing properties, facial care with high-end cosmetics, oriental rituals in hammam steamy rooms, exotic massages as well as relaxing and curative treatments for children.

Whether you are planning a romantic getaway with your special someone or just want to make a luxurious escape from the stressful reality, Tuheljske Toplice, Croatia is the destination that never fails to impress. The nightly rates for prestigious hotels like Terme Tuhelj Spa begin with 100 EUR for two adults.

Varazdinske Toplice Spa, Croatia

Varazdinske Toplice is the one of oldest and most renowned spa resorts in Croatia and is situated nearly 60 km from Zagreb. Varazdinske Toplice Spa follows the standards of the world’s best holiday resorts offering all modern comforts imaginable. The history of Varazdinske Toplice Spa dates back to the Roman settlement of Aquae Iasae who gave its name to the archaeological complex with the remains of Roman thermal baths.

The Varazdinske Toplice Spa is known for its peloid and natural springs of curative thermal waters, whose surface temperature is close to 58°C. The water contains fluorine and sulfur in abundance, providing a successful cure for neurological disorders, rheumatic conditions, traumas, orthopedic problems, and other locomotor diseases.

Varazdinske Toplice spa hotels and wellness resorts offer a diversity of medicinal and wellbeing programs with a focus on thermal and hydrotherapies. Most Varazdinske Toplice spa hotels and wellness retreats have pools where the thermal water is supplied right from natural springs. The holiday town is also replete with fitness centers, solariums, saunas, and sports grounds to guarantee a memorable and beneficial vacation accompanied with delicious Croatia cuisine. The Varazdinske Toplice spa hotels and wellness resorts with impeccable service and 9.0+ user reviews are as affordable as 50 EUR per night for a couple.

Krapinske Toplice Spa, Croatia

Krapinske Toplice is a renowned thermal and spa resort. The place is located in a picturesque valley surrounded by forested hills, in the centre of Croatian Zagorje, only 50 kilometres from Zagreb. Krapinske Toplice spa was known from ancient Roman times as “Aquae vivae,” or living water. The area features numerous springs of healing thermal water, whose surface temperature is 39-41 °C for all-year-round bathing. Thermal waters contain much calcium, magnesium, and hydrocarbon to cure numerous disorders.

Krapinske Toplice spa hotels and wellness resorts, such as the superb hotel VILLA MAGDALENA, offer different programs for weight loss, rehabilitation, active vacation, relaxation, and beauty. Spa and wellness programs are based on the use of natural miraculous resources: thermal waters and curative mud-fango.

Krapinske Toplice spa resort offers amazing walking and biking routes and exciting tourist attractions for every taste, including wineries, castles, museums, horse ranches, and European winter sun. Krapinske Toplice spa luxuries are highly affordable, being as cheap as 40 EUR DBL per night, yet with superlative customer service and a range of body and soul treatments.

Borjomi Spa Resort, Georgia

Borjomi is a vacation town in Central Georgia in just 25 km from Bakuriani - one of the cheap ski areas in Europe. It is globally famed for its healing mineral waters, with springs in Borjomi Central Park. Georgia is a country of unrivaled nature and pristine medieval villages. It is also known for extremely tasty food and fantastic wines. Unsurprisingly, it is the desired destination for many tourists. Borjomi offers a diversity of opportunities for nature admirers and adventure seekers. The region’s hallmark is its mineral waters.

Borjomi spa hotels and wellness resorts are dedicated to beauty and wellbeing. Their luxurious facilities allow you to enjoy exceptional therapies for your body and soul. Besides amazing spa and wellness procedures, Borjomi hotels and resorts offer a range of opportunities for leisure: swimming pools and Jacuzzi, sports halls, Russian and Finnish Saunas, steam rooms, and Turkish bathing. If you want to be spoiled, Borjomi Spa Resort, Georgia is a choice you can never go wrong with. And as for pricing, Borjomi spa retreats and hotels are as inexpensive as 30 EUR DBL per night.