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Get To 2024 Best Beaches On Adriatic & Ionian Sea In 2024

The southeast coasts of Europe might not the first thought to spring to mind when you start planning your European sea & sun vacation in 2024. Yet, by vetoing this idea, you miss out on a real opportunity to enjoy Albania Ksamil & Gjipe beaches, Croatia & Albania cuisine and even find here European winter sun without paying through the nose. 

The coastlines of pretty and neat Balkans in Europe can easily rival elite resorts of Mediterranean countries such as Italy or Greece, yet without crazy crowds of tourists and with extremely budget-friendly hotels. 

Crystal clear azure waves, dense forests with dozens of paths to follow, high mountains waiting to be conquered, pristine sandy beaches, boisterous nightlife, rich culture and heritage – that is Southeast Europe at its best.

Croatia Beach Resort

While a member of the southeastern Europe family, Croatia is blessed with a unique and beautiful character that developed from the mix of influences from the neighbouring territories, including Italy, the Adriatic Sea, and even Greece. 

Admirable little historic towns and villages dot the coast: imagine countless white-stone cobbled streets and red-roofed houses that are often surrounded by defensive medieval walls. Not surprisingly, Croatia has become a favourite location for TV shows and movies, with the most notable being Game of Thrones, of course.

Natural beauty is also magnificent, boasting nearly 6,000 km of perfectly-groomed coastline that spoils you with the selection of beaches to laze in the sun. The winding coastline is speckled with a variety of wide and sheltered bays, all of which descend into warm, hyaline waters. The backdrop never disappoints either: many seaside resorts look like they emerge from one of the many pine groves clinging to the cliffs. 

Many of Croatia's best seaside resorts are located on numerous islets that line the length of the coast. Usually, just a short ferry ride from the mainland, the larger islands like Hvar, Krk, and Brac make you marvel at the perfection of these beaches.

Makarska Riviera

Makarska Riviera belongs to the Dalmatian coast of the Adriatic and stretches for 60 kilometers between the cities of Brela and Gradac, with the main city being, of course, Makarska. The Riviera is one of the most desirable tourist destinations on the Croatian coast, and thousands of visitors flock to this area to take advantage of what it has to offer. It is also one of the most beautiful seaside resorts with many luxurious beaches, voluptuous nature, sparkling waters, and peaceful harbours. The land is also famed for the impressive Biokovo Mountain, which overlooks the coast. 

Biokovo is often described as a rock that has a root in the sea and a forehead in lightning. The mountain was proclaimed a Nature Park in 1981 because of its geomorphology and biological diversity. The peak of Biokovo opens unforgettable panoramic views over the entire Makarska Riviera and surrounding lands. For this reason, tourists often add the summit ascent to their things-to-do list when they are going to the majestic seaside resort of Makarska Riviera.

Makarska Beach

Secluded, hidden, calm, and small are the ideal definitions of Makarska Beach. Offering you nearly 1500 meters of an astonishing coastal line, the city beach of Makarska town is one of the hottest destinations in this holiday region. Nestled in Donja Luka Bay, Makarska Beach will take you only 10 minutes of leisurely walk from the old town. 

The beach consists of small pebbles and gravel, so do not forget to pack your beach shoes when going for a trip to this wonderful place. The fine beach slopes gently, while an endless amount of pines will provide you with a pleasant shade. The beach is chock-full of seaside bars, restaurants, and cute cafes. Water entertainments are also numerous, encompassing pedal boating, banana rides offered here and there, and a modern water park, too, for those who want to get some thrills.

Nugal Beach

If you are looking for a charming place to bask in the sun, get a tone, and take all your clothes off, Nugal Beach is the choice that is never wrong. The most famous nudist beach in Croatia, Nugal Beach is a place where naturalness is celebrated.

This natural bay is situated in the Osejava Nature Park, neatly poised between the cities of Makarska and Tucepi, and presents a small stretch of soft white sands against a background of sheer rocky cliffs. To get there, you either need to make your way through the beautiful nearby forest or take a boat. The absence of a road only enhances the natural virginity of the area, making it the ultimate secluded retreat. This place is just gorgeous, looking as if carved out of some glossy travel magazine: sky-scraping rocks, thick pine forests, and the most vibrant seaside colours fascinate every visitor.

The most notable feature of Nugal Beach is the waterfall that falls off the cliff always after rains. No wonder this little naturist idyll has been praised in the tourist media. Whether you want to saunter along the beach or enjoy the full majesty of the sea from the top of a cliff, Nugal Beach lets you see it all, bare it all and be who you want to be.

Punta Rata Beach

The Punta Rata beach in the town of Brela, also known as Dugi Rat, is a true gem of the Makarska Riviera and is considered one of the most glamorous beaches in Croatia. Its landmark, the Brela Stone, graces many of the country's postcards. 

This place continuously receives lots of accolades from recognised international travel magazines and popular travel blogs who claim it to be among the best beaches on the planet. Indeed, this vibrant pebble coastline with magnetising turquoise waters is simply breathtaking, which is why Punta Rata is an eye-catcher.

Thanks to the central location on the Makarska Riviera, Punta Rata throws many entertainment opportunities at you. From seeing the old town of Makarska that retains the medieval allure and going to the summit of the legendary Biokovo Mountain to trotting the paths that lead to Tucepi, Baska Voda, and Podgora, this jewel of southeast Europe is always worth visiting. 

Island of Brac and Town of Bol

Brac Island is one of the loveliest destinations for a beachside vacation in Croatia. Brac Island has an area of 395 square kilometers and is the largest island in Dalmatia while also being the 3rd largest island in the Adriatic Sea. Zlatni Rat (the Golden Horn) is undoubtedly one of its main draws. Zlatni Rat is an unrivaled dream beach that adorns souvenir postcards of Croatia and travel magazines. Here, a unique crescent shape, reminiscent of a golden horn, extends almost 500 meters into the turquoise sea. Mother Nature was definitely in a good mood when creating this gem of a beach, otherwise, it would not be that admirable.

The most popular town on Brac is Bol situated in the southern part of the island. Lying at the foot of the Vidova Gora Mountain and occupying a part of the world-recognised Golden Horn, the charming Bol town attracts countless throngs of holidaymakers. The easiest way to get to Brac is by ferry from the city of Makarska.

Another attraction worth seeing in Bol is the romantic old town with a little fishing port and magnificent Croatia cuisine in local restaurants. Here you can also enjoy a wide selection of restaurants, wineries, and cafes. With many other amazing beaches and countless opportunities for hiking, biking, and windsurfing, top-quality recreation is guaranteed in this dream place. In addition, you will find a fantastic selection of hotels with 9.5+ rating to make your holiday on the island of Brac just perfect.

Zrce Beach

The Croatian islands are some of the most picturesque coastlines of the Mediterranean region and in addition to that the island of Pag is also one of the best party islands in Europe. While the Island seems to be rocky, many Europeans prefer exactly such type of beaches that are gorgeously pristine and exceedingly beautiful. The Zrce Beach on the island of Pag in Croatia is one of the finest holiday party beaches ever existed – the perfect destination for those who like to shake it all night away!

As summer begins, the Zrce Beach hosts countless festivals with all possible music genres and glamorous events for all groups of travellers. World-renowned DJs often arrange their incredible shows in beach clubs, and this season is not an exception. For this reason, the beach is alternatively called “the Croatian Ibiza.”The Zrce Beach is an ideal location if you want to combine relaxing holidays and parties. The shores are dotted with big open-air clubs and cozy beach bars to relax in style. The beach is approximately 3 km away from the city of Novalja. During the holiday season, this beach resort can easily be accessed by bus. Hundreds of parking spaces are also available. At the Zrce party beach, everybody will easily find what they are looking for – get a true feeling of Zrce lifestyle!


The pretty little city of Zadar is located in the northern part of Dalmatia. Zadar is one of the most fabulous coastal towns in Europe and an absolute delight no matter how you slice it. Boasting more than 3000 years of history, Zadar brims with endless historical attractions and sights from various epochs.

The city’s key highlights include the Greeting to the Sun Square and the Morske Orgulje (the Sea Organ) both attracting throngs of visitors annually. Chick cafes, magnificent restaurants, and bubbly nightlife provide lots of top-quality entertainment. The absolute best beaches in Zadar include Beach Borik, Beach Kolovare, and Puntamika Beach.

Borik Beach is the most popular beachside in Zadar. Offering 1.5 kilometers of well-kept coast, this shore abounds with countless swimming opportunities, most of which are presented by pebbles.

Beach Kolovare is the finest bay of Zadar, providing a mix of gentle, almost sandy pebbles and great concrete bathing places.

Puntamika is a small, tranquil beach in Zadar that wins all hearts with coziness and mesmerising marine landscapes. Due to its extreme cleanness and superb views, Puntamika is considered the most romantic beach in Zadar.

Mljet Island

Mljet is the first major island encountered when sailing the Croatian Adriatic from south to north. This is the greenest and the most beautiful island in Croatia gifted with Mediterranean vegetation, transparent sea waters, gently sloping sandy coasts, and rich marine life. Mljet is also famed for its salted lakes Veliko and Malo Jezero. Mljet is home to one of the Croatian National Parks, and, therefore, is one of the hottest beachside holiday destinations for vacationers. The island has great ferry connections with Dubrovnik and the Croatian mainland.

Vis Island

It served as the idyllic filming location of the popular movie “Mamma Mia.” Vis Island is more than just a looker, but a piece of paradise on Earth. Its beaches are extraordinarily lovely, offering both sandy and pebbly shores. 

The most famous one is Stiniva, a little nook surrounded by cliffs with an accurate passage to the sea. Stiniva often tops the list of the most beautiful beaches in Europe. 

The villages of Vis are one of the most charming in the Adriatics, representing an enticing mixture of Greek, Roman, and Baroque Austrian architecture. 

The Blue Cave near the island Vis is a natural wonder, famous for being totally, mystically blue. The Green Cave is another natural phenomenon of this locality, situated on the southern side of Vis Island. You are bound to experience unique emotions while bathing and snorkelling inside both caves.

Hvar Island

Holidaymakers eagerly travel to Hvar Island in Croatia because it offers numerous attractions and fun-making opportunities. Along with spectacular beaches, you will discover countless possibilities for exciting activities, excursions, and recreation. 

The island’s key highlight is surely the Hvar town, which is often eulogised by travellers as the most beautiful town in the entire country. The city attracts with its Spanish fortress that was built in the 13th century and soars up nearly 90 above the sea level, offering breathtaking views.

You can get to Hvar by ferry. The island can be reached either from Split or from Drvenik. Some of the most prominent beaches of this locality include Dubovica Beach, Malo Zarace Beach, and Pokonji Dol Beach. Hvar also allows you to go for a trip to the Blue Cave to marvel at its play of ethereal silvery blue shades.

Korcula Island

The charming Croatian Korcula Island is one of the brightest jewels of the country. Offering you nearly 50 kilometers of flawless green lands, Korcula invites you to soak up the sunshine on its fabulous dream beaches that are known all over the world. Apart from luxurious coastal resorts, the island has tons of things to do up its sleeve, with the best attraction being, of course, the ancient town of Korcula which was established more than 3000 years ago. You can get to Korcula by ferry from the ferry ports, such as Split or Drvenik.

The diverse Mediterranean landscapes are also sights to behold, and they are characterised by vineyards centennial olive trees, small mountain villages, and countless secluded natural bays. Things to do in Korcula include Croatia cuisine, delicious wine and lots of five-star accommodations makes a holiday in Korcula unforgettable.

The grandeur of Korcula Island is best experienced on such excellent beaches as Pupnatska Luka, Vela Przina, and Zitna Bay – they are the absolute highlights. Yet, the area is also replete with small, unnamed lonely beaches that make the ultimate retreats from reality.

Kvarner Bay

The Kvarner Bay is located in the northern part of the Adriatic Sea and naturally connects the Istrian peninsula in the west with the Dalmatia region in the south. The wondrous Kvarner Bay is one of the trendiest beachside destinations in southeastern Europe. It has been attracting crowds of tourists for more than 100 years already, enticing the globetrotters with picturesque coastlines that guarantee highly enjoyable relaxation by the sea. Kvarner Bay is famed for many interesting attractions and a wide range of activities that make a visit to the region absolutely worthwhile. 

Opatija is a little sparkling gem of the Kvarner Bay, while hotels here provide the best beachside accommodation in the entire country! The coastal town in its finest, Opatija has a serious historical charm that attracts thousands of visitors all year-round. This Croatian town is nicknamed Old Lady of the Adriatic due to its rich royal past. The highlight of the city is the Franz Josef Promenade, speckled with numerous luxurious beaches and jaw-dropping villas.

Crikvenica meets the definition of a beachside vacation paradise. Situated in the fabulous Kvarner Bay, this dream coastal town belongs to Crikvenica Riviera, together with other posh resort cities of Dramalj, Jadranovo, and Selce. Everything is great about Crikvenica, but the thing that will definitely steal your heart is its unrivalled beaches. Grasko Kupaliste, Balustrada, and Kastel are perfect beaches for splashing, swimming, and indulging in pure relaxation.

Krk is the largest island in Croatia, and it has everything to quench your thirst for an unforgettable beachside adventure! Its dream beaches are synonyms for paradise, while unique natural beauties, sky-scraping mountains, and authentic coastal towns provide for the ultimate European seaside experience. Whether you have a penchant for sightseeing, want to explore the culture, admire incredible nature, do active sports, or just relax under the caressing sunbeams, Krk caters to the needs of all vacationers.

Mali Losinj is a coastal city in Croatia and the biggest island of the Losinj archipelago. It is mission impossible not to immediately fall in love with this pearl of a beachside resort. Dating back to the 12th century, Mali Losinj does exude an old charm, yet this does not prevent the town from being a center of maritime and commerce, along with being an up-scale tourist destination in the Adriatic. In 2007, Mali Losinj won the title of the Champion of Tourism, which speaks volumes of the resort’s unequivocal greatness!

Slave Island lies in the heart of the Kvarner region and is surrounded by the country’s purest beaches. The northeastern portion of Slave Island is completely deprived of greenery, and a stone wall safeguards the lively and picturesque southern part of the island from the detrimental effect of cold mainland air. So, the weather here is almost always pleasantly warm. Soft, tempting beaches can easily be found to the north of Slave Island, while pebbles are dominating the rest of the island. Due to its unique natural characteristics, the island is the center of nudism, so you can take advantage of this fact if you are chasing unbridled fun!

Cres is one of the most beautiful islands in the Kvarner Region. The splendid variety of its rough, rock-girdled northern areas where griffon vultures naturally indwell, and the pebbly coves of its western and southern coasts, allows every visitor to combine a pleasant, relaxing holiday with many opportunities for fun and thrills. A first-time visitor will go into raptures when exploring Cres Island, but even a regular traveler will never get enough of what this place has to offer. 

Rovinj is a lovely harbor town rightfully recognized as one of the best places on the Adriatic. This pretty little port town enslaves hearts with its exceedingly impressive colorful houses which stand very close to each other, becoming an object of everyone’s fascination. As you explore this piece of paradise on earth, you will discover loads of historical attractions and Instagrammable spots in the old town of Rovinj because is one of the most astounding places in Croatia! Apart from sightseeing, you can also revel in swimming in one of the bathing spots that are countless here, with Mulini being the gem of the best beaches in Rovinj.

Pula is a spectacular port city in the Kvarner region. The tourist offerings are impressive, but the highlight is the infinitely charming old town with multiple historical sites. The most notable of them is the Roman amphitheater, which is even considered one of the country's landmarks. Walking along the lovely stone streets, you can enjoy the genuine Croatian vibe, dine in cozy restaurants, or treat yourself to a glass of wine in one of the beautiful quaint town squares. The surroundings of Pula also offer countless possibilities for excursions and outdoor activities. When it comes to beachside resorts, Pula is second to none. Beaches here are dreamlike, the most famous of which are Gortans, Batana, and Hawaii Beach where you can get a true Caribbean feel.

Dubrovnik is alternatively called the Pearl of the Adriatic because this historic city never fails to impress with its spectacular seafront location and numerous cultural events and festivals. Dubrovnik has become one of the most-visited destinations of the whole Balkan Peninsula – many reasons make it so hugely popular. If you take off for Dubrovnik for the first time, rest assured you will not be disappointed.

Montenegro Beach Resorts

While you may find it difficult to point out this country on a map, Montenegro is just beautiful! This Balkan country with rocky mountains, medieval villages, and countless beaches is a highlight of a trip for many tourists who are setting off on a journey to southeastern Europe. 

Apart from strikingly beautiful nature, this country on the Adriatic coast also boasts charming historic cities, exceptionally tasty cuisine, world-class hotel services, a very friendly population, and a great diversity of activities that include everything imaginable, from simple hiking to bungee jumping, rafting and scuba diving. But the main reason why you want to put Montenegro on your travel list is its phenomenal swimming opportunities!


Tivat is a premium coastal town of Montenegro that is primarily known for its Porto Montenegro. This is a strikingly beautiful, modern, and upscale marina that hosts luxury yachts. Incredible in every respect, Porto Montenegro has become one of the hottest tourist destinations in Montenegro. 

Another popular activity in Tivat is hiking over the Vrmac Ridge to the town of Kotor. Hiking from Tivat to Kotor is not for the timid because you will need to overcome nearly 11 miles to admire those divine views that open up in front of you!

Lounging on a beach is also a highly popular recreation in Tivat. The picturesque bays and dreamlike coastlines with the most gorgeous blue marine colours are what make Tivat so desirable as a seaside resort in South-East Europe.

Your heart will definitely skip a beat when you will be beholding the sunset over the Adriatic on one of the beaches in Tivat. Kicking back and witnessing how the sun is dipping below the horizon on some fine sandy or pebble beach is one of the best things you can do in Tivat, Montenegro. Plavi Horizonti is only 20 minutes drive from Tivat and one of the best beaches in Montenegro with extremely gentle sloping and high-end infrastructure – the safest and most enjoyable swimming option for both adults and little ones.

Bay of Kotor

The Bay of Kotor is alternatively known as the Boka, and it is one of the best highlights of Montenegro. Radiating ancient history and blessed with breathtaking scenery, Kotor is the place tourists never want to miss when exploring the Balkan Peninsula. 

Nestled in the northwest part of Montenegro, Kotor offers all the joys of a high-end beachside holiday destination. Lovely medieval towns dot the coast, while nature is extraordinarily beautiful, too. Herceg Novi graces the entrance to the Bay of Kotor, and this coastal town is best known for its Baroque-style Old Town (Stari Grad). 

While every nook of the Old Town emanates a strong historical charm, the Kanli Kula Fortress is the absolute magnet of Stari Grad. It is a centuries-old structure that offers the best viewpoint in town, opening a panoramic picture over the entire Herceg Novi and the astounding blue sea around.


Budva is a lovely and buzzing beachside resort on the Adriatic coast in Montenegro. The place attracts crowds of tourists with its Old Town that delivers amazing sightseeing opportunities. When walking along the streets that wind like a labyrinth, you may seriously feel that you are traveling through the time back to the era of the Middle Ages. The unique Montenegro landscapes, dynamic nightlife, and pretty good beaches also give this place a credit. 

The most notable beach of Budva is Mogren Beach, which can be easily accessed from the Old Town. The most striking aspect of Morgen Beach is that it essentially consists of two beautiful bays –a soft sandy beach and a pebbly beach – which are connected by a passage through a cave. 

Jaz Beach is not far from Budva and is one of the longest and loveliest beaches in Montenegro. This extensive bathing inlet is a mix of pebble and sandy beaches, with amazing options for nudists, too! The picturesque Mediterranean vegetation and the unique blue color of the sea lend Jaz ultimate luxury, making it the best dream beach in Montenegro. This beachside resort is especially appreciated by families with children thanks to its extensive tourist offer and innumerable entertainment opportunities. Activities such as water sports, jet skiing, and kayaking will let you have a bagful of fun.

Albania Beach Resorts

A paradise-like country that is also a close neighbour to Greece and Italy, Albania is a hot spot for those looking for a budget-friendly yet decent seaside destination in Europe. Albania earned a reputation as one of the best beachside resorts in the southeast Europe thanks to its archaeological sites, majestic castles, and posh coastlines. Albania beaches are the epitome of a dream, astounding with their unrepeatable scenery and sparkling, crystal water. To make the most of what Albania beach resort has to offer, you should consider renting a car in Albania and visiting the following areas.


Himare is on the lips of many seasoned travellers because this pretty little town in Albania is simply doozy. Himare is known for being an excellent base for exploring the Albanian Region, while its crystalline, azure water and soft-sanded beaches command everyone’s admiration. The finest beaches in Himare that are full of promise and offer tons of fun possibilities include Gjipe Beach, Jala Beach, Palase Beach, and Bunec Beach.

Sfageio Beach

Sfageio Beach is situated right in the heart of Himare, Albania, which makes it easily accessible to tourists. The beach wins universal acclaim thanks to its perfect combination of gorgeous surroundings, a charming coastline, and pristine water. The neatest thing about Sfageio Beach is that it borders Spile Beach and Marachi Beach. Sfageio is a desirable destination for adventure-seekers because there are many rocks and caves on this beach waiting to be explored.

Livadhi Beach

Livadhi Beach is endowed with a white stone shoreline, bewildering mountain scenery, and pool-like water. Livadhi Beach is quite an extended coastline in the city of Himare. The beach is located away from the new town, but right down the hill from the old town of Himara Fshat. Albania beach resort Livadhi is extremely popular among both locals and tourists for its pristine sands and one-of-a-kind natural beauties. The beach is nestled in a bay and offers beautiful views of the green hills around. On top of one of the hills, you can also see Himara Castle. Livadhi spoils you with the diversity of activities you can engage in, such as kayaking, canoeing, paddle boating, jet-skiing and in any case you could have Albania cuisine right in front of you everyday!

Qeparo and Borsh

Qeparo is a charming seaside village in the Albanian Riviera, neighbouring another pretty coastal town Borsh. The authentic village is a real magnet for sunbathers for its white, sandy, well-kept beaches and tranquil natural environment. 

Borsh is a small, picture-perfect coastal village on the Albanian Riviera with a population below 3000 people. A flawless, unspoiled area, Borsh is an ideal gateway to spend your summer days away from overly large crowds on the Ionian coast. 

While exploring the beauties of both cute towns, try to allocate some time to visit the Porto Palermo Castle, which is also proximate to the bustling seaside town Himare. Alternatively known as Ali Pasha Tepelena Fortress, the Porto Palermo Castle is situated on a small fortified island in the Bay of Porto Palermo and is known for its perfectly triangular design.

If you travel a few kilometers south of Himare, you will discover another popular attraction in Albania – the Porto Palermo Tunnel. It is essentially a submarine bunker built during the leadership of Enver Hoxha. Situated on the northern edge of the bay of Porto Palermo, this submarine bunker is a good chance to get an insight into the soviet era of bunker construction.

Plazhi i Borshit

Plazhi i Borshit (Borsh Beach) is one of the longest and loveliest coastlines in the south of Albania, offering some of the best views of the Ionian Sea. Due to its length (Plazhi i Borshit stretches for over 7 kilometers along the city of Borsh), the beach is great for long strolls along the bank and is also a great place to admire the sunset. The beach features a grandiose mountain range in the background. This gorgeous seashore has a serene atmosphere and is big enough for you to find your own place to relax. If you decide to take a break from lazy sunbathing, consider visiting the Borsh Castle. This incredible historic castle will take you back in time to the medieval epoch.

Buneci Beach

Alternatively called Bunec Beach, Buneci Beach is a pristine coastline perfect for those looking for a more relaxed beachside ambiance. Located between the towns of Lukova and Piqeras, Buneci Beach is not a party, but rather a laid-back beach where you will not encounter large crowds. In fact, Buneci Beach is valued for its virtually intimate, stress-free environment on the fantastic coast of the Ionian Sea. There is also a pier from which you can jump straight into the azure water. Since the beach is located in a remote area away from any city, the surroundings are really unspoiled.

Saranda & Ksamil Islands

The Ksamil Islands or the Tetra Islands are a small archipelago of islands in the Ionian Sea, consisting of 4 small islets. This sea resort is located to the east of the islands and you can choose any of Ksamil Albania hoteli here.

The Ksamil beaches are the top destination in Europe where you can feel as if in the Maldives, yet without long hours of flying and exuberant expenses. Close to the Greek Corfu airport you can reach Ksamil by ferry Corfu to Albania arriving to Saranda and taking a 30 minutes bus ride. Or you can first enjoy Saranda beaches - the most popular sea resort in Albania - and stay in one of the 9.5+ rating accommodations here!

The most incredible fact about the Ksamil Islands is that these little islets are uninhabited, and you can access them by renting a canoe or a boat. What would you take with you to a desert island?

This seaside town is blessed with some of the cleanest coastlines in entire Europe, so everyone wants to go there for a really cool and enjoyable vacation. It is also home to Butrint National Park – the UNESCO World Heritage Site.


All beaches in Albania have a strong wow factor, but the little coastal village of Dhermi is a true paradise on the Albanian Riviera. The breathtaking landscapes and welcoming party vibe strike a balance with a cozy family vacation ambiance. Not a single minute in Dhermi can be boring because the town has so many things to do – if you are an outdoorsy type of person, Dhermi is your chance to get real thrills. Beaches here are just beautiful, tempting travellers to stay longer than they originally planned. The up-and-coming beachside resort in the Balkans, Dhermi lets you immerse yourself into the atmosphere of the ultimate seaside indulgence! 

Dhermiu Beach is the main beach of the same-name village. Offering you nearly one kilometer of a flawless coastline with a pebbly shore, this spot is fantastic for swimming and diving because the water is shockingly transparent, showcasing the richness of underwater life. Countless beach loungers for rent facilitate a relaxing sunbathing procedure.

Palasa Beach is another great option for swimming near the town of Dhermi. It is a long wide beach found to the west of the village of Palasa. Sparkling blue water and a shoreline that is a mix of white sand and small gravel make this beach just perfect. 

Llogara National Park is the nearest attraction to Palasa Beach, which you never want to miss. It is a fancy park that is a goal for nature lovers. The most iconic point of Llogara National Park is the Llogara Pass. It is basically a winding path that leads up to over a thousand meters overlooking the Ionian Sea, from which you can enjoy unreal beautiful views.

Gjipe Beach is not that spacious, yet infinitely lovely coastline that is also loved by adventurous beachgoers. Hidden behind the surrounding towering rock formations, the beach itself is only accessible on foot, so you need to walk a bit, but it is absolutely worth the effort. Kayaking is also a way to get to this gem of a beach! It is ideal for nature lovers and offers you one of the best views on the coast. Gjipe beach has small pebbles and crystal aquamarine water, and you can also rent a kayak on the beach or even set up a camp! Also, do not forget to explore Gjipe Canyon, which makes a spectacular background to the beach.

Bulgaria Beach Resort

A destination with admirable, unspoiled nature, grand mountain ranges, and pristine coastlines – Bulgaria is definitely Europe’s big thing offering one of the most reasonably priced beachside resorts, never sacrificing the quality and fullness of experience. 

With the Black Sea’s natural wonders, mountain-studded landscapes, and incredible hospitality of locals – Bulgaria has all the traits of the best seaside vacation destination. Bulgaria exudes a classic Mediterranean vibe with its untouched beaches and tree-covered hills that are generously sprinkled with monasteries, churches, and centuries-old monuments that tell the history of the country. 

Like any other holiday destination, Bulgaria has its hottest tourist spots. Bulgaria has two main regions for seaside holidays: the Varna region in the north and the Burgas region in the south. Everything that lies between these two main areas composes the best tourist offer on the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria. The Varna region is one of Bulgaria's best-kept secrets, and it is home to the famous Golden Sands resort, but it also accommodates a string of beautiful beaches, many historical sites, and natural wonders such as thermal springs. 

The coastal city of Varna is of international repute for its collection of Roman artifacts and the Archaeological Museum of Varna, which allows you to learn more about Bulgaria's diverse past.

The Burgas region is famed for its Sunny Beach – summer holidays in this part of the country are guaranteed to be full of fun and great adventures. Sunny Beach has a long stretch of sand and a bunch of nightclubs that are open until dawn. And once you have developed enough tan, you can take advantage of impressive mountains and cool cities that are all within easy reach from Burgas.

Bulgaria is much more than just a great seaside resort in southeast Europe. It is overwhelmed with charming ruins, mighty castles, and myriad ancient structures, and it is this rich past that makes this country so fascinating to visit. Some parts of Bulgaria have preserved their history so well that you feel like traveling one century back in time. The coastal town of Nessebar is a great example. The old town of Nessebar is located on a small diamond-shaped peninsula and has over 3,000 years of history in the form of 44 churches, many Roman ruins, and traditional Bulgarian houses. No wonder UNESCO has made Nessebar a World Heritage Site.

Georgia Beach Resort

What really deserves to be included on your southeast Europe holiday itinerary is Georgia. The Black Sea’s coastline of Georgia is renowned for its world-class seaside resorts. 

A pearl hidden between Asia and Europe, Georgia treats you with plenty of things to do. Easy-natured locals, Tbilisi's dynamic nightlife, mouth-watering cuisines, awe-inspiring Caucasian Mountains, lush sceneries, mysterious caves, and beautiful countryside – Georgia offers you so much to see and experience. 

The Georgian coastal city of Batumi is an absolute must-see because it is Las Vegas on the Black Sea with a plethora of casinos and abundant nightlife, yet with far more budget-friendly costs compared to its USA doppelganger.


Due to its location at the foot of the Caucasus Mountains, Batumi has a subtropical climate, thanks to which neither the winter is too cold nor the summer is too hot. This is what attracted the elite of the Russian Empire to Batumi many years ago, promoting the reputation of Batumi as a delightful resort for summer holidays.

For beachgoers, Batumi is a fun and relaxing place to be, but an adventure-seeker will not be either disappointed because the city offers plenty of pleasant surprises which, combined with a few days of premium relaxation in one of the city's great hotels, provide the perfect way to enjoy the ultimate seaside vacation in Georgia.

Georgia's second-largest city, Batumi is blessed with a rocky shore offering both pebble and sandy beaches. A diversity of cafes, clubs, and recreation areas that are scattered throughout the beach help you vacate in style. The beachside of Batumi is best known for its different sculptures situated in different parts of the shore. All sculptures represent love and commitment in their own unique ways.

Batumi Boulevard is also a landmark of the city and currently has a length of 7 kilometers. The boulevard runs along the entire length of the city beach. This is a bright green space with cafes and bars, sports tracks, dancing fountains, various attractions, and eclectic architecture to make your eyes pop.