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Vibrant New Europe Winter Destinations - Kosovo, Romania, Serbia ski

If you are used to thinking that ski resorts are an almost unaffordable luxury, we will prove that this is not entirely true. Luckily for you, there are tons of astonishingly beautiful winter resorts all across southeast Europe that are not inferior to the heavily advertised Courchevel in terms of the snow-enjoying experience, yet come with a pretty affordable price tag. If you want your next snowboarding holiday to be cost-effective, yet memorable and thrilling, these south-east European ski destinations deserve a very serious consideration of yours. 

Lengthy slopes of pristine, dazzlingly white snow, well-designed lift systems, satellite villages with lots of opportunities for having fun, lively après ski to fill in the time in-between the snow-conquering sessions, professional ski tuition, delicious culinary surprises to be found along the way, and hotels that spoil you with the diversity of special tourist offers – the mountain resorts included here are welcoming winter sports fans in a friendly, safe, and highly entertaining environment. So, pack your ski pants and get ready to hit the slopes without draining your wallet.

Kopaonik Ski Resort, Serbia

The country’s largest hub of winter tourism, Kopaonik is nestled on the border of Serbia and Kosovo. This pretty little city is truly a gem when it comes to snow joys as it offers everything snowboarders and skiers may dream of. The highest peak of Kopaonik ski resort is the spacious Ravni Kopaonik plateau, around which rise Suvo Rudiste and Pancicev Vrh (highest peak of 2017 m).

The ski resort of Kopaonik has about 55 km of alpine ski runs and 12 km of runs for Nordic skiing. 97% of Kopaonik ski resort is comprised of artificial snow covering. Thanks to the artificial snowing systems, the skiing season can last much longer, and the skiers, both beginners and experienced ones, have peace of mind they can enjoy the skiing season on excellently prepared slopes. 

All ski paths in this location are equipped with a network of chairlifts and ski lifts, whose capacity is impressive 32 thousand people per hour. Six-seat chairlifts are also available (most of which are with seat heaters), so don’t hesitate to bring your friends or family with you to go skiing together. If you travel light, Kopaonik offers ski hire as well as snowmobile hire. Repair services are also available.

Kopaonik is blessed with a subalpine climate and is nicknamed the Mountain of the Sun, as there are almost 200 days of sunshine per year. Cold and heavy air is driven away into the surrounding valleys and basins, which means that winter temperatures are not too cold (the annual mean temperature on Ravni Kopaonik is 3.7° C). Snow falls from the end of November and lasts until May, an average of 159 days a year.

Kopaonik is suitable for outdoor activities throughout the year and is the largest and most prestigious ski resort in Serbia. The Ravni Kopaonik Plateau is centered on tourism, with a wide range of accommodation and things to do. Another hot tourist destination is located near the village of Brzeca, on the eastern slope of Kopaonik. Ski slopes of the first class are located at an altitude of 1650 m to 2017 m above sea level.

Kopaonik Ski Resort Quick Facts:

  • Ski pass prices in 2022 (day ticket): €25 for adults and less than  €20 for children;

  • One hour ski tuition price in 2022: average €20 per participant in a group of 3 people;

  • Ski rent price in 2022: €12-15 for Skis, Boots & Stics.

One night stay prices for in hotels with a 9+ rating:

  • Low season: from December 1-15, from February 15 to mid-March: €30-40 for a double room;

  • High season: mid-December to end of January: €40-50 for a double room;

  • Number of ski slopes: 55 km in total: Blue (easy): 30 km; Red (intermediate) – 19 km; Black (difficult) – 6 km.

Kopaonik Ski Resort Apres-Ski

Kopaonik also brims with a diversity of big-snow activities. There is no shortage of walking excursions, snowmobiling, cross-country skiing, night skiing, mountain biking, and off-piste adventures. The rugged landscape of Kopaonik is ideal for paragliding. The nightlife here can be boisterous.

The ski resort itself also offers many opportunities for spa lovers: for example, at the Grand Hotel & Spa, you will find an indoor pool measuring 18 × 9 m, a hydrothermal pool, a Finnish sauna, a Russian bath, an infrared sauna, tropical showers, a hammam, an aromatic bath, an ice-salt space, gym, massage and much more. You can visit the spa center of the Junior Hotel: a small pool, sauna, Jacuzzi, Turkish baths, massage. Spa facilities also offer effective programs for weight loss and fitness.

In the Ethno Kuca Koliba and Alo Alo restaurants, you can taste national Serbian cuisine (such as sarma, gibanica, pljeskavica, among other gastro delights), as well as listen to live Serbian songs in the evening.

Adrenaline junkies can try zip-line and enjoy the sky-high views of Kopaonik National Park. This exciting entertainment has been available in Kopaonik since 2013 and is the best ziplining fun for both rookies and veteran adventure-seekers. 

Overall, a paradise of snow, Kopaonik provides countless seasonal and year-round pleasures and activities. You better see it for yourself!

Poiana Brasov Ski, Romania

One of the best-kept secrets on the affordable, yet luxurious southeast Europe ski circuit is the almost pristine resort of Poiana Brasov. This piece of paradise for winter sports enthusiasts is found in the Carpathian Mountains, the very heart of mysterious and enigmatic Transylvania (central Romania). The city keeps pace with modern times as it is lovely, friendly, and stylish, yet wrapped in well-preserved nature. 

Poiana Brasov mountain resort is on par with other prestigious resorts in the Alps, although it offers some exclusive advantages (for example, unbelievable affordability without sacrificing the quality of the snow experience). 

One of the most immaculate and well-preserved mountain locations in Eastern Europe, Poiana Brasov is a desirable tourist destination. Its total length of ski domain contains 25 km of hillsides. Poiana Brasov is also within proximity to hot tourist sites, including Dracula's Castle, the Rasnov Fortress, and the medieval city of Brasov. It is, however, nearly 160 km away from the Bucharest international airport. 10 ski lifts transport people to the hills. The winter sports area is situated between the elevations of 941 and 1,783 m.

Poiana Brasov became fiendishly popular as a winter holiday destination after hosting the World Student Winter Games in 1951. Since then, the city has been developing exponentially, and it now presents a serious rival to famous Alpine resorts. This city is surrounded by four mountains: Postavaru, Piatra Craiului, Bucegi, and Piatra Mare which provide some of the Europe's best slopes for beginner and lower intermediate skiers. 

The Romanian ski resort Poiana Brasov has recently undergone comprehensive modernisation. Their government spent whopping millions of Euros to expand the slopes, improve their quality, build first-class cable and snow installations, and ensure that the resort meets the highest European standards. Solid investments also have come from the private sector in the form of luxury hotels, spa salons, and entertainment centers that are not found anywhere else in the country. Poiana Brasov is now an oasis of fun and relaxation at budget-friendly prices.

Poiana Brasov Ski Resort Quick Facts:

  • Ski pass prices in 2022 (day ticket): €23 for adults, €15 for children.

  • One hour ski tuition price in 2022: average €18 per participant.

  • Ski rent price in 2022: €10 for Skis, Boots & Stics.

One night stay prices in hotels with a rating of 9.0 and above:

  • Low season: from December 1-15, from February 15 to mid-March: €70-80 for a double room.

  • High season: mid-December to end of January: €100 for a double room.

  • Number of ski slopes: 24 km in total: Blue (easy): 5.8 km; Red (intermediate) – 2.8 km; Black (difficult) – 5.1 km; Yellow (ski routes) – 5 km.

Poiana Brasov Ski Resort Apres-Ski

The most prominent ski & snowboard resort in Romania, Poiana Brasov can impress even the most demanding travellers. It has a slew of chic hotels to provide affordable accommodation with excellent service quality. 

Local restaurants, such as Vanatorul, Coliba Haiducilor and Stana Turistica, also spoil you with a high level of service. For those who are unfamiliar with skiing or snowboarding, there is a handful of ski schools to teach both adults and children. 

After engaging in alpine skiing or snowboarding, you can amuse yourself with sleigh practising or taking a horse-drawn sleigh ride. 

If you are visiting this wondrous land in summer, you can go on hiking on foot or by bike, play tennis, ride a horse, etc.

 Brezovice ski, Kosovo

Who would have thought that the youngest country in Europe has the cheapest ski areas in Europe. We mean Kosovo and its ski resort Brezovice - a brand new winter holiday destination in  Europe for you!

During Yugoslavia times this elite resort with helicopter access was serving only country leadership and senior officials.

But now this area offers cheapest skiing holidays in Europe and has perfect access through 2 international airports in 1.5 drive radius - Pristina in Kosovo and Skopje in North Macedonia - serving cheap flights from London and other major European cities to Pristina at 40 Euro round trip by Wizzair and Ryanair.

Brezovice is also one of the best ski resorts in Europe in December as the mountains are really high and the slopes start at 2200+ meters, so the snow cover is natural. It has around 16 km of slopes for every level of skiers&snowboarders: 2 km of blue, 10 km of red and 4 km of black ones.

Brezovice Ski Resort Quick Facts:

  • A full day ski pass price cost 14 Euro.

  • Accommodation in Brezovice cost 50 Euro, in Prizren (1 hour drive from resort) and Urosevac (40 minutes drive from Brezovice) in February - March you will pay 30 - 40 Euro for a double room.

  • In a very good Kosovo restaurant you can pay 5 - 6 Euro for a dinner.

Brezovice Resort Apres-Ski

Take full advantage of feast opportunities given by Albania and Kosovo cuisine. 

You should definitely explore city of Prizren. Rent a car, spend your days skiing in Brezovice and in the afternoon come back to Prizren and explore local attractions like Prizren Fortress, walk along the banks of Bistrica river, Old Town cobble streets and Ottoman buildings, visit Shadervan Square and Sinan Pasha Mosque

Bansko Ski, Bulgaria

A world-renowned winter resort, Bansko Bulgaria allures you with the quality of its white crystal snow and a well-developed infrastructure. 160 km away from the capital Sofia, fashionable ski resort Bansko is also on the list of the UNESCO World Heritage, being as old as 22 centuries already. History is everywhere when you stroll down the cobbled streets in between slope hitting. 

Bansko ski resort is located on the two banks of the Glazne River at the foot of Pirin Mountain, right below its highest part. Mount Pirin belongs to the Alpine type with the highest peak Vihren (2914 m). The town of Bansko is located at an altitude of 925 m above sea level, and its ski area is at an altitude of 2000-2600 m above sea level.

The winter sports resort of Bansko is attractive at any time of the year. It offers excellent conditions for skiing and snowboarding, as well as the unique history and architecture of the old and new parts of the city. Thanks to these features, Bansko is a favorite place for those who love great outdoor activities. 

The 70 km of slopes rise to 2,600 m and tend to be crowded during peak times. Modern lifts include a gondola and half a dozen high-speed quads. The 16 km ski trail starts from Todorka Peak, the highest point, and descends to the base station.

Bansko Ski Resort Quick Facts:

  • Ski pass prices in 2022 (day ticket): €40 for adults, €20 for children.

  • One hour ski tuition price in 2022: average €50 per participant.

  • Ski rent price in 2022: €15.

One night stay prices in accommodations with a rating of 9.0 and above:

  • Low season: from December 1-15, from February 15 to mid-March: €35-40 for an entire apartment and €50-60 for a double room in a fancy hotel.

  • High season: mid-December to end of January: €45 for an entire apartment and €60-70 for a double room in a fancy hotel.

  • Number of ski slopes: 48.2 km in total: Blue (easy): 20 km; Red (intermediate) – 24.5 km; Black (difficult) – 3.7 km; Yellow (ski routes) – 8.1 km.

Bansko Apres-Ski

The ski resort of Bansko is notable for its bars, restaurants, and vivid nightlife. Several après-ski bars offer light snacks and refreshments in the ski area of the resort. Local nightclubs and entertainment facilities usually work until dawn.

Haute restaurants with exquisite menus are part of various five- and four-star hotels.

The town’s thoroughfare is dotted with traditional meyhane (taverns where you can dine), which have a vibrant atmosphere, and whose “greeters” outside are dressed in traditional costumes and entertain the crowd with live folk music.

If you happen to arrive at this little corner of paradise in summer, you either will not be limited in fun-having opportunities. Trekking tours, horseback riding, rafting, canyoning, off-road jeep safari – when you come here, not a single minute is dull.

Bukovel Ski Resort, Ukraine

If you are arranging a winter holiday or just want to have a snowy getaway, Bukovel Ski Resort, Ukraine should be on top of the list of your options. Located in the Ivano-Frankivsk province, this snow-covered dreamy place is jam-packed with Carpathian mountainous landscapes and provides excellent adventure opportunities. As the high ski season strikes in January, cohorts of snow fans are flocking to this area to spend the winter in style. 

Being a very picturesque region with a variety of ski trails, a large selection of spa hotels, clean frosty air, and breathtaking views, Ukrainian winter resort Bukovel does not skimp on entertainment for all visitors, not only skiers or snowboarders. There is always something to do regardless of age and preferences. And it is undoubtedly one of the best spots to ski in southeast Europe.

There are more than 60 kilometers of thoroughly groomed sloping grounds of various difficulty levels at your disposal. Most ski trails are well-illuminated at night. Although the resort’s elevation is not extremely high (the top lift reaches modest 1372 meters), the resort’s latitude makes it one of the most snow-sure resorts in the whole country. There are 19 lifts and multiple rental outlets offering top-end equipment for skiers of all levels.

Seriously determined on providing the Alps-like experience, Bukovel Ski Resort makes most of its pistes three-lined and also shelters them from the elements. So, the snow here is always pristine and tempting. Snowless winters are extremely rare in this area, but if nature is reluctant to supply enough white stuff, the artificial snowing of slopes easily solves this problem. 

The skiing season in Bukovel depends on the year and the amount of snow that has fallen in the region. When winter comes early, the ski season starts in November and lasts until mid-April. If there is no cover in November, then it is transferred to December when snow cannons are used. If your budget is tight, and you would love to enjoy crowd-less skiing, then the best time to visit Bukovel is at the beginning of December or at the end of January. 

Bukovel Ski Resort Quick Facts:

  • Ski pass prices in 2022 (day ticket): €30 for adults in high season and €18 in low season.

  • One hour ski tuition price in 2022: €20 for individual training or €10 for group training.

  • Ski rent price in 2022: €5 per day.

One night stay prices for staying in hotels with a rating of 9.0 and above:

  • Low season: from December 1-15, from February 15 to mid-March: €80 for a double room.

  • High season: mid-December to end of January: €100 for a double room.

  • Number of ski slopes: 68 km in total: Blue (easy): 29 km; Red (intermediate) – 28 km; Black (difficult) – 11 km.

Bukovel Apres-Ski

Bukovel is famed not only for being a world-class ski resort. People who don’t ski will never feel bored here thanks to the diversity of entertainment options.

If you prefer to stay mostly indoors, you can soak in wood-fired herbal baths or visit Finnish saunas, spas and fitness clubs. At night, go play billiards and bowling, or spend time in nightclubs and discos.

For outdoor activities besides skiing and snowboarding, you can visit Hutsul Land Ethno Park. It is an open-air museum behind the Lake of Youth with ancient buildings that tell curious facts about local ethnic groups. 

Alternatively, you can go on a husky ride, try skating or snowmobiling, amuse yourself with snow-tubing (available in any season thanks to the artificial snow covering). 

If you are not done with all of the adrenalin on the downward pitches, you can try zorbing (when you go down the mountain in a transparent ball) or rope jumping for an extra portion of thrills. Ziplining (including bike zip), and flying on a hot air balloon are just a few of numerous après-ski scenarios in Bukovel ski resort, Ukraine.

Bakuriani Ski Resort, Georgia

The Bakuriani mountain resort is found on the northern slope of the Trialeti Range in the footsteps of the awe-inspiring Caucasus Mountains, in the municipality of Borjomi. Bakuriani is about 180 km away from the capital Tbilisi and 30 km from Borjomi. 

The climate of Bakuriani is believed to be miraculous and delivers significant healing properties. This is one of the numerous reasons why many travellers come to this dreamy place around the year. January and February are the best time to access winter frolics. The quantity and quality of snow give skiers a good opportunity to have a great time during this period.

Bakuriani ski resort features 23 ski slopes of varying difficulty. Beginners, intermediate, and professional skiers can easily find a ski trail according to their skills. They say Bakuriani is an ideal launchpad for unpracticed skiers because it provides many blue paths. 20 lifts carry the guests. The winter sports area sits between the elevations of 1,641 and 2,702 meters.

The combination of the special winter experiences for which Bakuriani is so popular is unrivalled. A well-prepared ski area, packed with electrifying events, old traditions, adrenalin kicks, unadulterated fun and ultimate piste joys – Georgia is one of the most fascinating winter holiday destinations on the planet. Come once to Bakuriani ski resort, and you will be hooked forever. 

With a longer winter (4-5 months), the resort is a paradise for both skiers and snowboarders. It is also a fantastic playground for kids to enjoy winter sports and outdoor activities. This is the best four-season mountain resort, a perfect place for relaxation, as well as for sports freaks and nature admirers. The modern ski area Didveli (1861 m) and the oldest ski area Kokhta (2155 m) are the landmarks of Bakuriani. Here, various ski slopes are designed for skiers of all levels, providing maximum pleasure.

Bakuriani Ski Resort Quick Facts:

  • Ski pass prices in 2022 (day ticket): €12 for adults, €7 for children.

  • One hour ski tuition price in 2022: average €15 per participant.

  • Ski rent price in 2022: €5.

One night stay prices in hotels with a rating of 9.0 and above:

  • Low season: from December 1-15, from February 15 to mid-March: €25-30 for a double room.

  • High season: mid-December to end of January: €50 for a double room.

  • Number of ski slopes: 29 km in total: Blue (easy): 2.3 km; Red (intermediate) – 13.2 km; Black (difficult) – 13.5 km.

Bakuriani Ski Resort Apres-Ski

Bakuriani is not inferior to other prestigious European ski locations. Bakuriani is exceedingly rich in entertainment and recreation opportunities. Even if you are not keen on skiing or snowboarding, Bakuriani has much in stock for you. There are many restaurants, amusement parks, skating rinks, parks, and venues. Markets are basically found in every corner of the city, which is a great advantage for your daily life.

You can go exploring Borjomi, a resort town in south-central Georgia that is worldwide known for its healing mineral waters and matchless natural beauty. Alternatively, you can arrange an excursion to Romanov’s Palace. It used to be the summer residence of the Romanovs, the Russian royal dynasty. Also known as Likani Palace, it is an incredibly beautiful example of architecture where you can admire a unique collection of different royal antiques.

Skiing on perfectly organised slopes gets even better when you know you can stop for lunch and relish local dishes at one of the many delicious mountain cafes. Don’t resist the temptation of trying traditional Georgian culinary delights, such as Khinkali, Khachapuri, Kubdari and Elarji. As Georgia is a cradle to wine with an 8000-year history of winemaking, raise a glass or two of first-class wine and bear in mind that the Georgian traditional wine production method has UNESCO intangible cultural heritage status since 2013.

Gudauri Ski Resort, Georgia

Georgian Gudauri is a perfect choice for winter sports aficionados looking for the best ski slopes in southeast Europe, without spending insanely much cash on this entertainment. 

Gudauri is the largest and best-developed winter resort in Georgia. Situated near Europe's highest mountains in the Greater Caucasus Range, 2,200 m above sea level, Gudauri delivers superior skiing on a grand mountain with a modern lift network.

Authentic Georgian culture and some of the world’s most delicious foods add to what is already a hot ski destination. A ski resort of the highest caliber, Gudauri is 122 km from Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia. Boasting nearly 1,500 meters of vertical drop, the resort attracts skiers of all skills. 

Impressive no matter how you slice it, Gudauri also has ridiculously cheap lift passes. The lift system consists of four gondolas and four 6-seaters. The general high elevation ensures quality snow conditions. Comfortable gondolas in the upper alpine zone provide access to endless free ride powder. 

The resort’s skiable area enjoys excellent exposure to the sunlight, which makes Gudauri a magnificent all-year-round travel destination. Skiers of different abilities can find great opportunities for slalom, giant slalom, and downhill skiing, and even the innovative heli-skiing, for those who have a penchant for extreme challenges.

The snow covers the slopes for nearly 5 months in this resort, from December to late April, making it easy to plan a ski holiday. The total length of Gudauri ski trails comprises over 57 kilometers and meets the highest international standards. 

Gudauri Ski Resort Quick Facts:

  • Ski pass prices in 2022 (day ticket): €14 for adults, €7 for children.

  • One hour ski tuition price in 2022: average €20 per participant.

  • Ski rent price in 2022: €14-18.

One night stay prices for hotels with a rating of 9.0 and above:

  • Low season: from December 1-15, from February 15 to mid-March: €30 for a double room.

  • High season: mid-December to end of January: €35-40 for a double room.

  • Number of ski slopes: 57 km in total: Blue (easy): 14.2 km; Red (intermediate) – 23.2 km; Black (difficult) – 19.6 km.

Gudauri Ski Resort Apres-Ski

If to speak about accommodation, Gudauri has no shortage of choice and availability. The land is experiencing a building boom, giving rise to new boutique hotels, ski-in apartment complexes, and chic apartments for rent. Even more hotels dot the land further down the hill.

Outdoor activities and adventures are also ample in this wondrous area. After mastering the big snow, you can indulge in snowmobiling, heli-skiing, tandem paragliding, or just go sightseeing – luckily, Georgia is all about history, nature, and experiences.

In summer, the resort takes on a new life and becomes a fabulous place for excursions – with clean fresh air, excellent areas for horseback riding, mountain biking, hiking, bird watching, and other fan-making options. 

Comfortable Gudauri hotels offer all the necessary amenities for relaxation, organisation of regional and international conferences, exhibitions, seminars, and master-classes. The peak of the season in Gudauri is the New Year's holidays, attracting thousands of travellers from all corners of the world. There is no better starting point than Gudauri for exploring the Greater Caucasus at any time of the year.

But your Gudauri ski resort experience will not be that complete without trying local gastronomic delicacies. Khinkali (Georgian dumplings), Adjaruli Khachapuri (famous Georgian cheese bread), and Achma (slightly resembles lasagna) are just some of the culinary delights you never want to miss out on. 

Mariborsko Pohorje Ski Resort, Slovenia

Getting enough of Mariborsko Pohorje in Slovenia is not an easy feat because this cute snow spot offers an unrivalled combination of skiing and entertainment. Mariborsko Pohorje Ski Resort is located in Podravska and is recognised as the largest winter sports center in Slovenia, offering nearly 42 km of different ski paths and pistes with 17 operating cable cars and ski lifts. 

With a diversity of slopes – for beginners and also veteran skiers, Pohorje made a name for itself as an attractive family ski resort. During the snowy season, Mariborsko Pohorje supplies more than 7 km of illuminated trails for night skiing adventures. Along with skiing and snowboarding, Pohorje also offers a slew of other fabulous winter enjoyments. 

The top of Pohorje, an Alpine mountain ridge, can be easily accessed with a gondola. This circular cable car carries you to a height of 1,042 meters, from where you can go on hiking trails, hit bike paths, or explore ski slopes. The drive from the lower to the upper station takes just 10 minutes, during which you can admire Mariborsko Pohorje ski resort which is full of beautiful natural gems.

The slopes practically flow into the city in Mariborsko Pohorje, so you can descend into the valley with enough snow along the Cop route and the Snow Stadium. Copova is considered one of the most popular slopes among amateur skiers, while the more challenging Snow Stadium is also a traditional setting for the Women's Alpine Skiing World Cup.

Mariborsko Pohorje Ski Resort Quick Facts:

  • Ski pass prices in 2022 (day ticket): €30 for adults, €17 for children.

  • One hour ski tuition price in 2022: average €60 per participant.

  • Ski rent price in 2022: €20.

One night stay prices for accommodation with a rating of 9.0 and above:

  • Low season: from December 1-15, from February 15 to mid-March: €60-70 for 2 persons in apartments.

  • High season: mid-December to end of January: €80-90 for 2 persons in apartments.

  • Number of ski slopes: 41.5 km in total: Blue (easy): 23.5 km; Red (intermediate) – 13 km; Black (difficult) – 5 km.

Mariborsko Pohorje Ski Resort Apres-Ski

Apart from skiing and snowboarding, Pohorje is blessed with other amazing activities for guests of different ages, skills, interests, and preferences during the winter holiday season. 

The area is chock-full of children’s playgrounds to keep your little ones happy and busy while you are dealing with the big snow. 

For the entire-family fun, there are plenty of toboggan runs in this lovely mountain city. 

If the weather is favourable, you can entertain yourself with snowdrifts after the end of the night skiing as well. With good winter conditions, Pohorje has enough space for skiing. There are also special dates for climbing uphill in Mariborsko Pohorje. 

Nordic (cross-country) skiing is also available when nature endows the city with sufficient snowpack. 

In winter, adrenaline junkies can enjoy panoramic snowmobile rides on the Bellevue-Areh route.

During the winter period, a ski school is organized on Mariborsko Pohorje, which includes various types of courses as well as individual tuition. Equipment rental and repair services are also provided.

The richness of the urban and rural nature of Mariborsko Pohorje provides countless opportunities for outdoor activities accompanied by remarkable cultural, ethnological, and wine-culinary experiences.

You simply cannot miss:

  • Pohorje Adrenaline Bike Park where you can rock your mountain bike.

  • Ziplining allows you to experience nature in a different way.

  • Parachuting – what about jumping from a plane?

  • Exploring the Pohorje forests – magnificent waterfalls will forever be etched in your memory.

  • Mountain wellness – relish the feeling of being pampered in the picturesque nature of the Mariborsko Pohorje. The healing climate at the altitude of 1000 meters will benefit your body and soul.

Jasna Ski Resort, Slovakia

Whether you are making winter holidays with your friends, family, or on your own, Jasna ski resort offers activities and a beautiful environment to immediately fall in love with. The resort is located in the mountains of Low Tatras, which are part of the NAPANT National Park. 

The Low Tatras is a mountain massif of the Inner Western Carpathians, and it runs through the center of Slovakia for 82 km in an east-west direction, between the picturesque Vah and Hron valleys. The highest summit is Dumbier with its 2043 meters above sea level, and the second-highest summit is the legendary ski and tourist hill Chopok boasting 2024 meters above sea level. 

Jasna mountain resort is the largest ski playground with first-class conditions for winter sports in Slovakia. It has countless opportunities for fun and active relaxation on the northern and southern slopes of Chopok. 

The resort encompasses nearly 50 km of perfect slopes with varying difficulty, which are suitable for rookies, kids, and expert skiers. It is also frequently used as a venue to hold world-class winter competitions. For example, Jasna hosted the Freeride World Tour in 2017.

A modern 36 km artificial snow system guarantees sufficient fluff-stuff for at least 5 months a year. The wild ride enthusiasts can take advantage of the free-ride zones in the magnificent snow park. In the evening, you can ski on the illuminated slope of Biela Put. The duration of winter season is usually from the beginning of December to the end of April. There are 23 cable cars and lifts serving Chopok with a capacity of more than 28,439 people per hour.

Affordable accommodation is scattered across several small satellite villages, meaning the vast majority have quick access to and from the slopes. 

Jasna Ski Resort Quick Facts:

  • Ski pass prices in 2022 (day ticket): €30 for adults, €24 for children.

  • One hour ski tuition price in 2022: average €35 for private ski lessons.

  • Ski rent price in 2022: €20.

One night stay prices for staying in hotels with a rating of 9.0 and above:

  • Low season: from December 1-15, from February 15 to mid-March: €50-60 for 2 persons in apartments.

  • High season: mid-December to end of January: €90 for 2 persons in apartments.

  • Number of ski slopes: 44.5 km in total: Blue (easy): 19.2 km; Red (intermediate) – 17.9 km; Black (difficult) – 7.4 km, Yellow (ski routes) – 4.5 km. 

Jasna Ski Resort Apres-Ski

Jasna Après-Ski is a synonym for unlimited fun and relaxation on great ski slopes. Apart from skiing, you are exposed to delicious snacks, frequent events, great music, and performances. On the northern part of the resort, there is an Après-Ski Bar Lucky, Après-Ski Bar Zahradky, and Funibar. 

On the southern side of the resort, there is a chic and fashionable Apres-Ski Bar Krupova located at the boarding station of a new 15-seater cabin cable car Krupova -Kosodrevina. The après-ski bars are comfy spots to meet your family and friends, a great opportunity to get acquainted with new people, consume some tasty food and relax before, after, and during skiing.

To make the most of winter, you can visit The DC Snowpark which is located at Otupne, Jasna. It is one of the longest snow parks in entire Europe. It has many wonders to leave you breathless, but the most remarkable feature is its FUN ZONE arena. The Fun Zone is prepared especially for jumps and stunts. It´s dedicated to all age groups, from children to adults. And the entry is free-of-charge.

If the slopes alone are not enough to reduce your energy levels, there is a plentiful selection of other awesome great activities in Jasna. Don’t forget your swimming suit for the Aqua Park – thermal spas that are naturally heated and offer blissful relaxation for children and grownups alike. Or amuse yourself with bowling or carting. If flying is your cup of tea, check out the Hurricane factory to experience indoor skydiving.