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Aktovo Canyon

The system of canyons including Arbuzynka, Aktovo and Petropavlivsk are not far from the Trykraty Forest. The most famous is Aktovo Canyon on the Mertvovod River near the village of Aktove in Voznesensk County.

The canyon system consists of old weathered granite cut by the Mertvovod and Arbuzynka Rivers to a depth of 40-50 meters. The canyon area is over 250 hectares of unique granite cliffs, boulders, steppe and aquatic ecosystems, on one of the oldest bits of the Eurasia landmass.

Every year rock climbers, spelunkers and rafting buffs come here. Natural reserve and canyon system are part of the Buzkiy Hard National Park.

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Mykolaiv region, Mykolayiv Oblast

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