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Bile Lake

Bile Lake is the only one in Ukraine with a high content of glycerin in the water, due to which it has extraordinary healing properties.

Located in the Volodymyrets Region, near Bilska Volya village, on the territory of the Biloozersky branch of Rivne Nature Reserve. It has an area of 4.53 square kilometers. This is the second largest lake in the Rivne Region after Lake Nobel.

It consists of two funnel-shaped basins of karst nature with depth of 22 and 26 m. In 2005, there was recorded a depth of 34 m. The distance from Rivne to here is 150 km.

22 species of fish have been recorded in the Lake Bile.

An interesting feature of the lake is the presence of the European river eel.

This species has a serpentine body, 1.5 m long and weighs up to 8 kg. There are numerous species of fish in the lake, such as tench, roughy, crucian, goby, perch, red perch, common bleak, pike, flatfish.

There is a Rehabilitation and Health Care Complex for employees of Rivne NPP on the territory of the Lake Bile. Everyone is welcome here if there are free rooms.

The infrastructure includes a dining room, boat and catamaran rental, volleyball court and playgrounds.

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Rivne Region, Bile Lake, Volodymyrets Raion (district)

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