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“Bize” is a patisserie café in French style.

Here they serve not only French classics, but also desserts according to unique creative recipes. Every year the café experts gain new knowledge from French pastry cooks. In a large glass window is presented a wide range of pastries, cakes, cookies, handmade chocolates. Also “Bize” can offer croissants, eclairs, a strawberry basket; cupcakes with cherries, chocolate, candied fruits, apricots; cake “Chantey” (dessert on the basis of mousse of black currant), “Saint Yves” (almond meringue with butter cream and hazelnut praline). There are two small halls with a few tables.

The design is in soft pink colors with lots of interesting details in the interior.

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Odessa region, 26 Lanzheronivska St., Odesa

46.485386 | 30.737553