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Central Botanical Gardens

The Botanical Gardens of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine were created in 1936 to the project by Academician M.Hryshko and architect A.Vlasov.

Growing on their territory of 132ha are about 13,000 species and varieties of plants from all the continents; from the temperate, subtropical and tropical zones of the world. Here were created such botanical-geographical sections as “The Steppes of Ukraine”, “The Carpathian Mountains”, “The Crimea”, and others reflecting typical landscapes of this country; as well as a rosary, a lilac-garden, etc. The orchid collections are the pride of the botanists who, in particular, worked out the principles of planting orchids inside spaceships. Thus in 1980 the orchid “Dorothy Beautiful” grew up and bloomed in a space vehicle, being there for half a year. It has become a tradition for citizens and guests of Kyiv to visit the Botanical Gardens in mid-May when the chestnuts and lilac bushes are in blossom.

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Kiev region, 1 Tymyryazivska St, Kyiv

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