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Cheremosh River

Cheremosh (Ukrainian Cheremosh, rum. Ceremuş) - a river in Western Ukraine, in the Eastern Carpathians (Wooded Carpathians), the right tributary of Prut (Danube basin). It has a length of 80 km, the basin area is 2560 km². This is a typical mountain river with a fast current of speed from 8 to 20 km / h, with a slope of 3.3 m / km, a total height difference of 280 m.

The riverbed is moderately winding, the channel width is on average from 15 to 25 m, the largest is 44 m. There are many rapids on the river (the height of the fall is up to 1.6 m) and bystrin. It flows in a deep, narrow valley (width from 80-120 to 350 m) with steep rocky slopes, has turns and narrowing of the riverbed, small rapids with a rocky bottom.

Cheremosh originates from the confluence of the rivers Black Cheremosh and White Cheremosh near the village of Usteriki. From the mouth of the Putilovka, Cheremosh changes its direction from east to northeast, and at Kut and Vizhnitsa descends from the mountains into the valley of the Prut River. In the borders of the Carpathian region Cheremosh flows a wide valley. The speed of the river decreases to 8 km / h, the rapids disappear. Not far from Snyatyn, Cheremosh flows into the Prut.

The river serves as a border between Ivano-Frankivsk (Verkhovinsky, Kosivsky and Sniatinsky districts) and Chernivtsi (Putyla, Vizhnitsky and Kitsmansky districts) regions.

Depending on the complexity of the thresholds on the Cheremosh, there are 3 main areas where alloys are carried out.

Berdy - p. Dzembronya with rapids mostly 2 to. C.

The second section is an almost endless chain of thresholds of varying complexity. Dzembronya Threshold is a series of small sinks that can sometimes create barrels. The clear passage of these plums on catamarans and rafts into small and medium water requires energetic slalom. The threshold is completed by a series of ramparts, which will especially interest kayakers, since they have a convenient approach and catch, as well as a reasonably safe bottom and reach after the marines. The next threshold of Grandfathers elbow is a sharp turn with an island in the middle of the river. Right behind him is a long shivera with a series of interesting plums. After a short smooth speed, the next threshold begins - the White mare. Behind the laying - again two strong plums. The second drain has a standing shaft for a kayaker. On the left, the river Bystrets flows in and soon the long threshold of the Gochok, or Lesser Hook begins. First, the ship will meet with a series of shafts and a powerful barrel, after which you expect a long turn to the right with strong boulders and plums. After successfully overcoming Guchka, you need to rest and get ready for the passage of the threshold that is the most difficult on Black Cheremosh - Hook. It is rather short, but with tangible plums, after which large barrels and high ramparts are formed. A few more sinks and shallows - and the village Krasnik begins, where tourists usually dock near the monument, in front of the bridge.

From Krasnik to Verkhovyna and further the river Cheremosh flows through a picturesque densely populated valley. The river does not lose its mountain temperament. Soon, on the right side, White Cheremosh joins. A few more interesting shoals, rapids Verkhneyasenevsky and Sokolsky - and the river flows into the fabulous Bukovina. During the rafting, you can stop on an excursion in Krivorivna and visit the Ivan Franko Museum, as well as stroll to the silver waterfalls near the eye-catching Nimchich pass, near the famous Protyatym stone.

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