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Dogs & Tails

American hot dogs and original twists on classic cocktails are offered in Dogs & Tails.

In all, there are 11 types of hot dogs, including fish and vegetarian. The menu even has a hot dog “Kyiv” with avocado, tomato, radish and new cabbage. Descriptions of meals often surprise and delight guests with their creativity: for example, “blue caviar” (aubergine paste) or “interesting egg” – a soft-boiled egg rolled in nori, sesame and flax seeds. Buns for hot dogs are baked by a special recipe, sausages are prepared from the selected meat without addition of preservatives.

The hot-dog bar is located in the former small hall of the “Kinopanorama”, in the edifice built in 1922. In the interior from Serhiy Makhno they tried to preserve the spirit of the cultural past, thus making the place comfortable, spacious and practical.

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Kiev region, 19 Shota Rustaveli St., Kyiv

50.4382 | 30.5197671