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Eco-hotel Villa Pinia

Hotel by the sea VillaPinia is a modern, cozy hotel in a quiet, green area.

16 rooms of category Suit, Standard and Apartments are ideally designed for recreation in an ecological balance with nature. This is the optimal insolation, furniture and interior decoration from natural materials, filtered softened water, bed linen with natural fillers and fragrances. You will fall asleep with a smile, and wake up rested.

We strictly adhere to the values ​​of eco-philosophy:

- Our hotel is built in such a way that you are pleased not only with rooms overlooking the sea, but also the possibility of maximum use of daylight. A special insulating coating of the facade allows you to keep warm in winter and cool in summer;

- Bed linen, textiles in the rooms, we only have towels made from natural fabrics;

- Our guests sleep on mattresses and pillows filled with organic buckwheat husks. Mattresses and pillows have unique orthopedic properties and natural aroma, which brings a pleasant relaxation.

- The menu offers dishes prepared from organic products produced on farms in the Odesa region. We are tea trees, (in our tea card there are certified organic teas) so our herbal teas are carefully collected and processed according to a special recipe. And for tea we offer jam from cones, which we can try only with us;

- Pool in the hotelVillaPinia is designed in such a way as to be as warm as possible with the sun's rays;

- We not only filter, but also soften water, using for this purpose natural minerals;

- As detergents only organic and environmentally friendly substances that meet international standards and have appropriate certification are used;

- But helps us in maintaining the environmental friendliness of our hotel - the purest sea air that permeates every corner of our hotel.

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Odessa region, 4A, Dolgaya St, Odesa

46.387349 | 30.745412