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Glukhiv City Local History Museum

The museum is one of the main cultural centers of the city.

The building itself is worthy of attention - this is the building of the former Nobility Assembly, a monument of architecture of the XIX century.

The museum of local lore in Sumy region is one of the oldest in Ukraine, it maintains its activity from 1902. However, its story could have stopped in the Soviet era, when it was liquidated by the Order of the then Minister of Culture of the USSR because of the discrepancy of ideology. Funds of the institution were distributed among other museums.

Today the fund of the museum consists of more than 11,000 different exhibits located in 6 halls. They will tell you about different epochs of the history of Glukhiv and all of Ukraine. Of course, the collection "Glukhiv Hetmansky" stands out. It is dedicated to the outstanding historical figures of hetmans Mnohohrishny, Skoropadsky and Razumovsky. It also highlights the activities of Dovzhenko - a classic of domestic and world cinema, who had studied in Glukhiv.

If you want to get acquainted with the city itself, several excursion routes will be offered in the museum, in particular, "Glukhiv musical", "Glukhov - the capital of the Hetmanate" and others.

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Sumy region, Tereshchenko street, 42, Glukhiv

51.684712 | 33.909646