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Gold-Potok castle

The castle in the village of Zolotoy Potok was built around 1568 as the residence of the voivode Stefan Potocki. Today it is part of the Ternopil Castles National Reserve.

The castle was built as a residential one, and only then it was converted for defense purposes. And not in vain: like other castles of Ternopil region, it suffered from the Tatar raids. The last owners of the castle, Polish landowners from the family of Ippolit “źniewosz, tried to revive the castle, first placing a court and a tax government, and then a library. However, in the 30s of the twentieth century, the building was mothballed.

Three corner towers, a gate tower and walls have survived to this day. The palace itself is in a dilapidated state.

In the summer of 2020, the National Reserve "Castles of Ternopil" shared their plans for the Zoloto-Potoksky castle. According to the plan, the area should become a center for green tourism. The reserve wants a family of farmers to settle here, which will conduct subsistence farming. They will be helped by tourists who want to get closer to nature. There are also plans to equip an imitation mine where tourists could wash golden sand. Indeed, according to one of the legends, the village of Zolotoy Potok received this name due to the fact that golden sand was washed in the local river.

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Ternopil region, Golden Stream

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