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Gora Strimba

Strymba - mountain peak in the Ukrainian Carpathians, in the Gorgany massif (Inner Gorgany). Located on the border between Mezhgorsky and Tyachiv districts of the Transcarpathian region, on the same ridge - Strymba. The southwestern slopes of the mountain lie within the limits of the National Natural Park "Synevir".

Strymba's height is 1719 m. The top is triangular in shape, formed in fine-grained sandstones by deep catchment funnels. There are small lakes, stone placers. The north-western and eastern slopes are steep, the south-eastern one passes into the saddle, which connects with the mountain Striminis (1652 m). The top of the Strymba in some places overgrown with mountain pine, the slopes are moss-grass and spruce-beech groups with well-pronounced high-altitude zonality.

To the south of Strymba there is a local pass - Prislip, along which the Krasna ridge is stretched, to the north-west - the Pishkoni ridge. To the west of the mountain lies the picturesque valley of the Terebly River with the villages of Kolochava, Gorb, Negrovets and Synevyr.

Nearest town: with. Kolochava.

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