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Granitno-Stepove Pobuzhzhia

The Granitno-Stepove Pobuzhzhia Regional Landscape Park is located on the edge of the Podillia and Dnipro range and covers the Southern Buh valley from Myhiya to Oleksandrivka and the gorges of its tributaries—the Velyka Korabelna, Bakshaly and Mertvovod.

Granitno-Stepove Pobuzhzhia was once mighty a mountain range like the Himalayas that crossed what is modern-day Ukraine for more than 1,000 km from northwest to southeast.

The remnants of these mountains, destroyed by millenia of erosion, can now be found only in the solid crystalline rocks, both igneous and metamorphic, that form the present-day Ukrainian shield, providing the foundation for the region’s surface.

The Granitno-Stepove Pobuzhzhia is unique in the midst of a landscape that is essentially almost entirely man-made.In these places in the Ukrainian petrophyte steppe, in the midst of steep granite cliffs and deep gorges, we can still find forested gullies, speargrass roiling like waves, and abundantly blossoming purple and yellow Pasqueflowers.Flora and fauna

Local flora include more than 800 species of vascular plants, of which some 100 are in Ukraine’s Red Book and the European Red List. In addition to ordinary meadow, rock and other grasses, there are many endemic species as well as remnants of the distant geological past.

The Park supports 36 species of mammals, 170 species of birds and 32 species of fish. Among them 50 are in the Red Book and Red List. There are also 186 known species of birds.

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Mykolaiv region, Mykolayiv Oblast

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