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Holy Trinity Church

The Holy Trinity Church on the outskirts near Primorsk was laid in this area as far back as 1811 – this is the oldest church in the region.

The Holy Trinity Church was laid in 1814 on the bank of the Obytochna River in honor of the victory in the war over Napoleon in 1812. Initially, the Holy Trinity Church was wooden. In 1818 the construction of a stone building began, which lasted 18 years. The services began conducting only in 1838. The temple has a cross-domed structure. A hemispherical dome includes eight windows. Three of its walls end with pediments, at the fourth there is a bell tower.

 In the 30-ies of the twentieth century, the temple was closed, and the bell tower was blown up. The wall paintings were hidden under a thick layer of plaster. So the church turned into a warehouse.

 The building was returned to the Orthodox Church only in 1991, with the independence of Ukraine. Then began the restoration of the building of the temple – the bell tower was rebuilt, and the frescoes of the ХІХ century were partially restored.

The Holy Trinity Church is known for miracles that occur in it. For example, in the temple, there is an icon of Jesus Christ, which has been constantly renewed for twenty years, and the icon of the Iberian Mother of God secretes myrrh.

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Zaporozhye region, Prymorsk, Prymorsk district

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