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Lake Svityaz

Svityaz (Svityaz, Svityaz Lake) is the deepest lake in Ukraine. Located within the Shatsk district of Volyn region. It belongs to the group of Shatsk lakes in the interfluve of the Pripyat and Western Bug rivers, near the village of Shatsk, on the territory of the Shatsk National Nature Park (Volyn Polissya).


The coastline, more than 30 km long, is overgrown with reeds, reeds and sedges. Near the shores the water is partially covered with duckweed and water lilies. The shores themselves are indistinctly outlined - sands, chalk marl and limestone give them originality and uniqueness. Pines with birches, hornbeams, oaks sometimes approach the water itself. Pebbles and boulders sometimes occur along the shores, some areas are swampy. There are bays - the largest Buzhnya and Luka.

The lake is rich in benthos, fish (eel, bream, perch, pike, catfish), waterfowl; conditions contribute to the breeding of fur animals.

Svityaz receives an average of 543 mm of precipitation per year. The rainiest year of 1974 was 843.6 mm. Svityaz feeds mainly on groundwater and atmospheric water.

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Volyn region, Lake Svityaz, ur. Gushovo, p. Pulmo, ur Stupa (Illichivka), town. Shatsk, ur. Ridge, s. Svityaz

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