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Landscape reserve Mohrytskyi

This protected natural area is located in the east of the small village of Mogritsa.

Its status was given to the landscape reserve in 1995, and since then more than 15 hectares of protected areas have been protected.The territory of the reserve is a classical steppe: high hills and deep ravines, overgrown with herbage.There are even relict plants, that is, one of the oldest on the planet.Warning on one of the hills, you can see a stunning landscape, the highlight of which - the river Psyol, swiftly flowing nearby.

Near the "Mogritskyi" there are other natural monuments that you should visit if you are traveling through the Sumy region. Its nearest neighbor is the hydrological reserve "Miropolskyi". In addition, it adjoins the Mogritsky cretaceous quarry (an excellent place for photo sessions), as well as a mound-fortress.

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Sumy region, near the village of Mohrytsa

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