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Local landscape park “Seymskiy”

“Seymskiy” - local landscape park, which is situated in the west part of Sumy region on the territory of four region administrative areas: Putivl (36210,6 hа), Konotop (30865,4 hа), Krolevets` (24664,6 hа) and Buryn` (7117,3 hа) districts. So, local landscape park “Seymskiy” is the largest in area environmentally protected site of Sumy region.

This nature reserve area is the nature oriented, recreation premises of regional significance that was created without taking out of land parcels, water and other nature bodies for the purpose of reservation of the valuable natural and historical complexes and places and creating conditions for the effective tourism, rest and other types of the recreation activity.

Municipal enterprise of Sumy Regional Soviet “Local landscape park “Seymskiy” has three main duties:

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Sumy region, Putivl Ioan Putivlskiy Prospect,18

51.357944 | 33.373134