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Maxim Gorky Central Park of Culture and Rest

Maxim Gorky Central Park of Culture and Rest is one of the best theme parks in Ukraine, the love and pride of all city dwellers and an excellent place for a family relaxation

The main theme park in Kharkiv named in memory of Maxim Gorky after the death of the writer was constructed in the end of XIX century and was funded through donations and active involvement of citizens. Thus, it is not surprising that the park is highly popular among people in Kharkiv.

In 2011-2012 the park was significantly re-constructed. Now you can take a ride in a 55m panoramic wheel, on a cableway, see around 50 new bronze sculptures. You can rent ATVs, bicycles, skates or roller skates on the territory of the park. Children can play in playgrounds and sport grounds, jump in trampoline, and there’re even a rope park and a haunted house.

Children can take part for free in regular quests, workshops, karaoke and other activities. Also, the park is a common place for the formal and informal events like the City day or the Summer Equator.

The visitors are grated by a cute memorial to a squirrel – a symbol of the park. We have to say that feeding squirrels from hands is possible as well in the nearby forest-park and Glory Memorial to where children can get by a small train, which is an another unique attraction in Kharkiv.

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Kharkiv region, 81 Sumska Street, Kharkiv

50.0162869 | 36.2467188