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Mount Pop-Ivan

Pop-Ivan (ukr. Pіp Ivan Marmarsky, Pop-Ivan Marmarosh) - a mountain in the Ukrainian Carpathians, near the Hutsul Alps, one of the peaks of the Marmarosh mountain range. The height of 1936.2 m. Located on the border of Ukraine and Romania. Not to be confused with Pop-Ivan Chernogorsky.

The top of the mountain is adjacent to a higher nameless, 1937.7 meters.

The shape of the pyramidal, northern and eastern slopes are steep. Small lakes can seasonally form around the mountain. On large areas there are poloniny. Many rare plants grow.

Tourist route to the mountain Pop-Ivan Marmaroshsky passes through the border with Romania. To pass you must first obtain permission in the village of Business, where the border post is located.

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