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Museum of military equipment

Memorial complex to military units and units that distinguished themselves in the battles for Kremenchuk - a complex in the Peace Park, in Kremenchug.

It was opened on June 19, 2008. It was established in honor of the military formations that participated in the battles for Kremenchuk and received the title of "Kremenchug". The initiator of the creation of the museum, the chairman of the Avtozavodsky district state administration of Kremenchug, Vladimir Kovalenko. There are 9 exhibits in the museum, among them:

- fighter aircraft MiG-23

- 132-mm multiple launch rocket system BM-13 "Katyusha"

- main battle tank T-64

- 160-mm mortar M-160

- 152 mm gun - howitzer D-20

- 76-mm divisional gun model 1942 (ZIS-3)

- 120-mm SPG Block 2S9 "Nona"

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Poltava region, Puhachova street, Kremenchuk

49.093952 | 33.410901