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Museum of Nature of V. Karazin Kharkiv National University

A whale is the largest modern animal on our planet. The full skeleton of a marine mammal with the length of about 20 meters is presented in the exposition of the Kharkiv Museum of Nature.

The exhibit had to be carried with special equipment through the windows in order to be installed in the building. The collection of the museum includes over 250 thousand exhibits that are located in 23 halls. They represent the entire history of our planet. Among the zoological, geological, and paleontological exhibits, the skeletons of the extinct Steller's sea cow and almost 4-meter plesiosaur are the most impressive. Also, there is a 100-kg crystal of a rhinestone and a collection of meteorites. And everything began in 1807 when two collections of objects were purchased in Europe for the training of the Kharkiv University students.

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Kharkiv region, 8 Trinklera Street, Kharkiv

50.008161 | 36.23605