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Museum of One Street

Small in size but very deep in substance, the museum became one of the most popular museums in Kiev.

This museum is dedicated to the history and prominent residents of the Andriyivsky Uzviz that was called “the most Kyivan of all Kyiv streets” by writer Viktor Nekrasov.

The painting, postcards, documents, costumes, articles of everyday consumption that are ex exposed at the museum also tell about the lifestyle and urban culture of Kyiv, in particular, in the 19th century.

Usually Andreyevsky spusk is associated solely with the name of Mikhail Bulgakov, the world-famous writer, who lived in the descent in the building No.13. Actually, since the end of nineteenth century many prominent figures of the Ukrainian and Russian science and culture lived in this densely populated street. The One Street Museum illustrates the way they lived and worked without any preconception and bias. Just as these people were neighbors living in Andreyevsky spusk, so they continue to be alongside in the museum exposition.

The team of the One Street Museum lay down a new path in museum business. The main principle of the museum is strict and impartial reflection of reality. There are neither cuts of history process, nor cultural, religious or ideological bias. The museum exposition shows history just as it is.

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Kiev region, 2B Andriivsky Uzviz, Kyiv

50.462062 | 30.517516