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National Historic and Archaeological Reserve «Stone Grave»

This great stone hill in the steppe attracted primordial people as a shelter, and as a unusual phenomenon as well.

Near Melitopol, on the banks of the Molochna River, there is the «Stone Grave» reserve, that occupies an area of ​​15 hectares, and has a form of sandstones. There is no analogues to these hills, and their interpretation remains a mystery. When the Sarmatian Sea retreated back, 14 million years ago, a hill of sand was exposed, and eventually it became a solid monolith. Under the influence of natural factors, the hill was covered with cracks and boulders slipped to the ground. There appeared a large number of caves and grottoes that have always attracted people here. Ancient tribes settled alongside «Stone Grave» and used this place as a sanctuary. In total, there are 68 grottoes and caves, in which many unique drawings - from the Stone Age to the Bronze and later times. Here are depicted bulls, horse carts, boats, wild animals, hunting scenes and many other petroglyphs. Special investigations have proven that «Stone Grave» is a place of powerful energy. On the hill there are five stones with positive energy and one - with a negative. At the various times, the Supreme Lama of Nepal, the explorer of the ocean, Jacques Yves Cousteau and representatives of the Ukrainian and world political elites attended the «Stone Grave» at various times. Each year, beginning in 1932, archaeological excavations and expeditions that reveal new memories are taking place here. Incidentally, here, by the way, was discovered the most ancient in the world «protosumer script». Annually «Stone Tomb» is visited by about 50 thousand tourists. In 2007, the reserve was listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

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Zaporozhye region, near Myrne village

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