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National History Mu­seum

Located on Starokiyivska Hill where archaeologists had found the remains of dwelling dating from the 6th century.

Its collection exceeds 800,000 exhibits, among which are such unique ones as a Trypillian ceramic jug with a primeval agri­cultural calendar applied on it; portraits (parsunas) of Ukrainian hetmans and Cossack leaders, made in their lifetime; carriages of Empress Catherine II of Russia; and many other things.

Probably, the most interest­ing hall of the museum is its yard where a unique historic and archaeo­lo­gical exposition is on display. Each exhibit tells not only about a certain stage of history but about a selfless Herculean work of the archaeo­lo­gists as well. For more than a century they continue excava­tions here, and each year brings sensational findings!

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Kiev region, 2 Volodymyrska St, Kyiv

50.458323 | 30.516123