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National Museum of Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945

The Memorial Complex “National Museum of History of Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945” (over 10ha) dedicated to the heroic struggle against the Nazi invaders is situated on the picturesque slopes of the Dnipro River where once were the structures of the Kyiv fortress. The war memorial was festively opened on May 9, 1981.

The complex includes the central lane displaying the 76-mm guns of the war period, the exhibition of the military equipment, the gallery of statues of the heroes of war and home front, the bowl “Flame of Glory” (16m in diameter), and the main square with pylons of the hero-cities and topical sculptural compositions. The dominating point of the memorial is the monument “Motherland” (arch. E.Vuchetich). The height of the figure is 62m and it weighs 530 tons; the sword is 16m long; the total height of the structure is 102m. Its basement houses the museum exposition. The collection of the memorial complex makes up over 300,000 exhibits: weapons, decorations, battle banners, war-time photos, letters, diaries, consumption articles, etc. The majority of them have a unique historic and memorial value.

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Kiev region, 24 Lavrska St, Kyiv

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