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Radomysl Castle Museum

Castle-Museum is an architectural, historical and cultural jewel of Polissia.

In 1612 here a Paper Mill was built – a fortified factory for the production of paper for printing of Kiev-Pechersk Lavra. Majestic architectural complex, located between two waterfalls, is bounded on one side by the waters of the river Myky, from the other – by a huge lake. Around, like a thousand years ago – there is a coniferous forest, the air here is saturated with therapeutic essential oils.After the restoration Radomysl Castle Museum is a fully restored medieval fortification with authentic reproduction of interiors of the XVII-XIX centuries. The Castle of total area of 2500 square meters has no man-made basement; it has been built on a granite rock, digging deep into the ground for kilometers, and is able to stand for centuries. Inside the Castle, thanks to the thick stone walls, throughout the year the same temperature of +18° is kept. It all affects the spirit of antiquity. The majestic walls, oak flooring to the ceiling, balconies, a concert hall and loopholes through which defenders shooted back from attackers years ago.

Radomysl Castle Museum today – is a multifunctional Historical and Cultural Complex. Here you can visit the world's only museum of Ukrainian home icons "Soul of Ukraine”, a concert hall for chamber music, facilities for special events, exhibitions, festivals. Also there is a restaurant of ancient Ukrainian cuisine “VIA REGIA” and a guest lounge.

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Zhytomyr region, 15, Plettenetskaya Street, Radomyshl

50.4914916 | 29.2182191