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Safari Zoo

A collection of about thirty representatives of exotic animal species.

The zoo is stretched on the territory of 2.5 hectares of drained marshland near the Berdyansk Spit. Along the main alley of the Zoo Safari, visitors encounter predators and primates (to the left: bears and leopards, to the right: monkeys and rices). Behind them is a beautiful view of Lake Swan neck with the Swan Peninsula adjoining to it, inhabitants of which are swans, ducks, guinea fowls, pheasants, cranes, pelicans. In the neighborhood along the path - Grandmother's courtyard with lambs, chickens, pigs and pigs, then - ponies, ostriches and llamas. The Alley ends with the stones of desires.

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Zaporozhye region, 5 Pearlynna Street, Berdyansk

46.732434 | 36.823565