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“Shiko” is a chain of three coffee houses. The menu is quite diverse.

Besides basic dishes, there are some specialties such as pies with various stuffings (vegetables, mushrooms, brynza), and original coffee drink “Shiko”. In the coffee house you can enjoy several kinds of coffee drinks based on Italian coffee illy, and coffee of own roasting and blending. For example, cappuccino, espresso, latte; as to Turkish-style coffee, it is prepared in various ways, including on sand.

“Shiko” has a delivery service of desserts and breakfasts to the pointed address. In the hall is a large show window, where the guests can see a variety of desserts and pastries: cakes, cookies, cheesecakes (with poppy seeds or with caramel, called “New York”), sweets, tiramisu, baskets, strudels, apple pies, etc.

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Odessa region, 50 Gretska St., Odesa

46.483118 | 30.733377