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The memorial and tourist complex «Protovche»

The memorial and tourist complex «Protovche» is a wonderful occasion to meet with the unique nature reserve. The tract «Protovchе» is often remembered in ancient annals.

There is an opinion that the settlement was a kind of outpost on the border between the Slovenian state grouping and the nomadic Steppe. Its time frame is from the X to the XIV centuries. The scale of the memorial, its extremely important strategic location, gives good reasons to consider the Protovche to be one of the pledges, from which the military-administrative center Zaporizʹka Sich was later crystallized. Protovche interesting not only from the historical side, it is an unique memorial of nature, a zone of absolute reserve. A complex of more than 20 lakes, channels and bays, islets – these are the remains of the once vast massif of the «Great Meadow of Zaporizhzhia.» There are more than 28 species of animals, 47 fish and 226 birds.

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Zaporozhye region, In the southern part of the Khortytsia Island, Zaporizhzhia

47.791984 | 35.141385