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Triokh-Anastasiivska church

Triokh-Anastasiivska church is the largest temple of Glukhiv, which is called one of the Seven Wonders of Sumy region by local people

The modern church was built at the end of the XIX century in place of the old destroyed one at the expenses of well-known Ukrainian Tereshchenko patrons. Therefore, in the temple, there is their family burial vault.

Particular attention in the church should be given to the iconostasis made of marble, here the ancient holy icons and Tereshchenko family icons are placed. Some of them were painted on Athos.

The church is also known for the curious post-war restoration, during which the Orthodox crosses were replaced by the Catholic ones, today it is the functioning Orthodox church.

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Sumy region, 2 Spaska St, Glukhiv

51.675283 | 33.912027