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Zaporizhzhia city children's botanical garden

Zaporizhzhia city children's botanical garden is a fantastic memorial park of landscape art, which always brings unforgettable impressions and pleasant rest to tourists.

Botanical Garden was founded in 1958, and to date it is a part of nature reserve fund of Ukraine. Schoolboy Botanical Gardens attracted by the opportunity to attend various environmental groups. Greenhouses the Botanical Garden at any time of the year bewitch visitors fascinating beauty of exotic plants – a «Winter Garden», «Kaktusariy» «Lymonariy» and others. In Zaporizhia City Children's Botanical Garden you can get the following services: – come with your family for a walk or a trip; – to buy flowers and decorative products from all parts of the garden; – get advice on gardening areas and territories, design exhibitions and tracks order a bouquet for the holiday; – get expert advice on growing plants.

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Zaporozhye region, Charivna Street, Zaporizhzhia

47.837541 | 35.195974